Unique & amazing face to face

Shark diving : the promise of the thrill is registered in the name of this unusual activity, believe me.

Departure is based in Gaansbaai for this activity.

Once the sharks are around, a specially designed, four-man shark cage that floats right below the surface, is lowered into the clear aquamarine waters. Divers with at least snorkel experience, may enter the cage where they hold on to its inside ring still out of the water, waiting for the shark to approach closer.

shark diving south africa

This part of the cage is still out of the water /40cm/. Only on the dive master ‘s command they descend. Divers are never more than 1 meter below the surface. The best time of year to cage dive is April – September.

Snacks are served upon arrival and water, soft drinks and snacks are served on board. Just to help you get over your feelings.

 ”Still a very controversial activity with a lot of pro’s and con’s but, trust me, definitely an unforgettable experience being so close to a Great White, beautiful, graceful animal, still so mysterious and unknown.”


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