Underwater twilight in Mozambique

Being the second largest island of the Bazaruto Archipelago, Benguerra boasts exceptional opportunities to admire the very best of Mozambique’s marine life.

But have you ever considered taking your underwater fun to another level by going on a night dive?
All it takes is to do a night dive speciality course, a proper diving torch and off you go, you’re ready for a whole new experience.

Benguerra Island

And what an experience… You’ll remember these moments for a long time, when you’re waiting to enter the water on that first night dive, the adrenalin rushing through your body and then, this is it.
The world slows down, you only see what is in the beam of your torch light, the reef looms up and you start seeing colors you’ve never thought possible.

As your field of vision is only as wide as the beam of your torch, you are looking at much smaller areas. Your eyes are focusing on small details and critters you wouldn’t have noticed on a day dive as you would have been too busy looking at everything around you.


The initial fear of the unknown has faded and you feel more and more comfortable in this new underwater adventure. Let’s focus on this new sub-aquatic nocturnal life that turns out being as diverse as you could have imagined. Cuttlefish, small shrimps, crayfish and even crabs are all out foraging for their food. Maybe they’ll be on tonight’s menu!?

Night diving - Scorpion fish

Without realizing how quickly time has gone by, you notice that your diving gauge is already on 50 bars. It’s more than time to start your ascend back to the surface. The boat is waiting to take you back to the lodge where you can already see yourself telling your experience around a tasteful cocktail. Let’s do it again tomorrow!

ByJeff Georges

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