Under the Starry Sky of the Namib Desert

Tok Tokkie Trails

Namibrand Nature Reserve

Tok Tokkie Trails is a one day and a half guided walk in the Namibian Desert with a sleep-out camp under the Namibian night sky. You will be captivated by the splendid colors of this endless landscape and amazed by the multi facets of the environment within an absorbing silence.

Tok Tokkie - Desert

You’ll discover a fauna and flora as surprising as varied. The barking gecko, the dancing “White Lady” spider and the bat-eared fox are just a sample of the unusual animals inhabiting this area.

You’ll live intense moments, especially at sunrise and sunset when the light reveals and enhances the whole desert color palette.

Tok Tokkie - Dinner in the desert

In the evening, you’ll be invited to get to your « bedroom », set amid the sand and will sleep wonderfully under the desert starry sky, untouched by any light pollution.

BySoraya Hébert

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