Tutwa Desert Lodge

It is in the northwest of South Africa, on the border of Namibia, in the middle of wide open spaces and spectacular scenery where you will find your oasis of calm and freshness: the Tutwa Desert Lodge.

Located in the heart of the Green Kalahari, on a game reserve of 16 000 hectares, this lodge offers a unique location with exclusive access to 24 km of the Orange River.

Tutwa Desert Lodge

Imagine yourself in this haven of peace, surrounded by the desert and the Orange River in the middle of the African bush, scanning the surrounding hills from your private terrace. It is 6 am, the sun has just risen.

It is in this particularly peaceful and calm atmosphere that you decide to go for a dive in the pool … The guests of the other eight rooms at the Lodge are still sleeping, you are alone in the world…

In an hour you go to the airport to fly over the region aboard a Cessna 204.

Tutwa Desert Lodge - The pool

Once on board the small plane, you let yourself be enthralled, opening your eyes wider to take everything in. There is nothing better than a view from the sky to discover the enchanting landscape of the Green Kalahari region! The desert spreads across the horizon, in the middle of sand dunes covered with vegetation: a breathtaking landscape!

Desert Green Kalahari

This afternoon the Tutwa Desert Lodge organized a hike for you to discover the vast and wild Green Kalahari environment. Rangers then accompany you to explore the fauna and flora. It is so hot that you think of one thing: the canoe trip that will follow!

It is 5 pm and, slightly tired from the day; you cannot resist laying on your king size bed in your suite for a nap before going to dinner on the deck of Tutwa Desert Lodge.

Tutwa Desert Lodge - Room

The day is not over! This evening a guide will take you on a cosmic safari. You are given the opportunity to see the nocturnal animals of the reserve which only come out at night and listen to the Bushman legends told by the guide.

Safari Sundowner

But before that, it’s cocktail hour! So why do not you let yourself be tempted by a glass of sparkling wine under the sunset, in the middle of nowhere? A magical place, isn’t it? Then you can taste local and exotic dishes paired with South African wines. A real treat!

The Tutwa Lodge Desert Lodge is a friendly environment and actively engaged in a project to protect leopards. It will offer you many water and land activities, giving the opportunity to live unforgettable moments to all lovers of adventure and travel!

Tutwa Desert Lodge - Safari

By Candice Chapel

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