Treasures and Rum in Paradise


We all know that moment when we turn on the radio and come across the new cover version of an old song. Often we enjoy these cover versions of an old favourite – it brings back the memories we connect to the song and the feelings we associated with it – here at Travel by XO we feel the same way about Mauritius.


A favourite destination between locals and foreigners alike we have decided to revisit and reintroduce this little piece of heaven and add it to our new and improved portfolio.


And just like a refreshing new cover version we have added some new beats and artists or like in our case – a selection of specials and fantastic new properties!

Mauritius is not just about five star resorts, spas and golf courses – it is about an experience.

Geographically it is the epitome of a paradisiacal destination with white unspoiled beaches and turquoise waters but what makes it so truly unique is the melting pot of cultures that inhabits it.


Descendants of Indian and Chinese workers, together with French-Mauritians and African creoles have resulted in one of the most hospitable and friendly island populations you will ever encounter. And their Creole culture comprising also of a very unique Mauritian Creole cuisine and traditional music is rich and vibrant and just waiting to be discovered by you.


Another one of our favourite aspects of Mauritius are the folk stories that surround it because who has not enjoyed the tales of mermaids, treasures, pirates, sailors and that great big love when growing up? Well – Mauritius offers plenty of fairy tale material in the form of legends and stories.

Legends claim that many a sailor has lost his life due to a mermaid’s beauty distracting him and consequently countless ships sunk in front of the Mauritian shores. Other anecdotes claim that these ships often carried very precious cargo attracting treasure hunters to visit the island in search of wealth and that once in a lifetime find. And the occasional hopeful can still be encountered excavating the depths of the island today.


Mauritius is further famed for its natural beauty being endemic to a myriad of plants and animals. It offers a rich flora and fauna to be discovered together with breathtaking waterfalls, natural wonders and the ever so famous sugar cane plantations – resulting of course in some delicious rum offerings that would tempt any pirate to come ashore!



The volcanic origin of the island allowed a unique biodiversity to develop and until the first colonies arrived no mammals were present on the island allowing many flightless birds and reptiles to develop – among them the renowned dodo bird that only called Mauritius its natural habitat but due to alienated new animal species and the arrival of humans became extinct in 1681 and now embellishes the official emblem.

So whether you are looking to treasure hunt with your family – or just enjoy this pristine family friendly paradise, want to write your own big love story, unwind with a game of golf, explore a new culture or are a lover of all things Spa – Mauritius truly offers something for everyone.


And if our words did not convince you just yet than follow the description of a much wiser scholar and we hence leave you with the words of Mark Twain:

‘You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven;

and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.’

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