Track the turtles with your kids

Here’s a little adventure for your children that make you think of the novels of Robert Louis Stevenson.

The ” Treasure Island’’ ? Close to indeed.

A Thonga beach lodge, one of their treasure, they are the turtles. To observe them in their natural environment, we reoa small overnight shipping 4×4 vehicle with a guide.

In summer, nocturnal walks and drives along the beach in search of egg-laying turtles are arranged to observe them. Guests can witness the culmination of an incredible journey as Giant Leatherback and Loggerhead turtles come ashore to lay their eggs in carefully prepared nests.

A little taste of adventure, isn’it for your kids?


The tours are run at low tide so at times the vehicle tours can be very late at night.

Research has shown that the mother returns to the same beach and that eggs are laid within metres of where the mother emerged as a hatchling years previously.

Turtle tracking is offered in the evening from November to end February. Every precaution is taken to ensure these magnificent creatures are not disturbed during the laying process.

The Loggerhead, so named because of the shape of its head, is another endangered marine reptile. It is a large, brown turtle which can grow up to 1m long and reach a weight of up to 130kg.

Leatherback Turtle is the largest living turtle and can reach a total length of 2,1 metres with a weight of up to 365kg. Unlike other turtles, the leatherback has no visible shell. Instead, it has a carapace made up of hundreds of irregular bony plates, covered with a leathery skin.


On the pristine Maputaland coast, Thonga Beach Lodge lies in the heart of iSimangaliso World Heritage Park, a magical place with unspoilt beaches, coastal forests and shimmering lakes.

The iSimangaliso Wetland Park was listed as South Africa’s first World Heritage Site in December 1999 in recognition of its natural beauty and unique global values.

Thonga captures the essence of a charming rustic Robinson Crusoe hideaway with individual air-conditioned chalets tucked away in the coastal dune forest, raised on wooden stilts to ensure minimal impact with maximum comfort.






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