The Orange River

Interested in this still mysterious river, on behalf so original and most intriguing?

It’s time to learn more. Along 2160 kilometers, the Orange River rises in the Drakensberg mountain range in Lesotho, known as the Senqu River, and flows westward into the Atlantic Ocean after crossing the immensity of South Africa. Its long route ends as a natural border between Namibia and South Africa (967 kilometres).

Sunset on Orange River

It initially appeared as the Gariep, a name given by the Namas, but was referred to as “Orange” in 1779 in honor of William V of the House of Orange-Nassau*.

Today, the Orange is a river steppe and desert river, irregular and often poor with a watercourse crossed by falls and inhabited by hippos and crocodiles where we can also find quartz and opals.

Nowadays, it also plays an important role in the South African economy as it provides water for irrigation and hydro-electric power.

Orange River in Green Kalahari

The Orange River flows through the Green Kalahari

To discover a little more about this river, sail along the Orange River in a canoe, a raft or walk alongside on foot to explore this outstanding place at its best …

Now imagine yourself like an adept of the rafting…

At XO Africa, we have selected a trusted operator that offers various activities regarding this impressive river, including an adrenaline packed: The River Rush!

Craig, the owner of “Outventures Kalahari” and his assistant start the briefing and explains your cautions: firstly, a helmet and life jacket are required to embark on the river. After sometime paddling, you are going to find yourself faced with your first obstacle; rocks…try to get out quickly in order not to fall into the rapids.

Then, you will engage in the strait and will have to operate your raft in turbulence in order not to derive or brew in the bubbling water.

Orange River - Rafting and Canoe

This adventure takes place over approximately 9 km which lead you through 5 rapids in total (the first being the most “difficult”, classed as a Category 3 on 6) but also through calm waters where you can swim. You can be assured that the guides keep watch over you along the way and help you if some person falls overboard or hangs onto the rocks.

For amateurs and professionals in rafting or canoeing, this outdoor experience is without a doubt unique and not to be missed. It combines tranquility, adventure, bird watching and also intense moments during rapids.

Fishing on Orange River

If you are a fly fishing enthousiast, Kalahari Outventures  also organizes fishing safaris from half a day to 4 days. ​​You can ​rest assured of making ​some fine catches on​ the​ Orange River!

Augrabies Falls

Augrabies Falls on Orange River

* The House of Orange-Nassau is the ruling house of the Netherlands from 1814 until today.

By Marie Lesueur

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