The magnificent Islands of Siankaba

I recently visited paradise – also known as The Islands of Siankaba.

There is no better way to describe this luxury lodge, nestled serenely on two private islands in the middle of the immense Zambezi River, situated between the magnificent Victoria Falls, and the world renowned Chobe National Park.

My chalet was one of only seven and epitomized comfort and style, with ceiling fans, huge bath tubs, separate showers and unique, hand selected aromatherapy products – not to mention verandah views over the Zambezi!


Walkways made of natural materials link the islands and I enjoyed strolling along them while taking in the surrounding bush and serenity of the riverine.

I took part in many of the included activities like guided nature walks, a tour of Victoria Falls and a cultural tour of Siankaba Village by mountain bike.

There are also a variety of other activities not included in the package that are worthy of exploration – my favorite being an elephant ride. Make it your mission to visit these islands, it’s a magical experience.

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