The Highest Point of Lesotho

How about ending up at the highest point of Africa? I did it! Here are the details.

My travel log – Take the height!

In order to gain height, I headed to the Lesotho. This country, named “A Kingdom in the sky” and known for its mountainous landscapes, lies at more than 1400 meters above sea level. It’s the only country in the world to be as high at any point in its territory; I could only find what I was looking for. After doing some research, I started off in the direction of the highest bar in Africa.


First step: the highest bar in Africa, Sani Top Chalet.

Here I am in the process of entering one of the best kept spaces of Lesotho: Sani Top Chalet. The road has not been easy, in fact a 4×4 has been essential to get here but I now have an amazing view!

To get here, I had to climb the highest road in Africa, which is the third-highest in the world, with a passage which rises 3200 meters above sea level: Sani Pass Road, also known as the “Roof of Africa”.


I’m finally on the top of Sani Pass at 2874 meters above sea level, perched on the top of the spectacular Drakensberg mountain range and on the border between South Africa and Lesotho where I see the two owners of the bar, Jonathan and Sylvia Aldous, who are awaiting to welcome me warmly into their cottage.

Described by all tourist guides as one of the best-located cottages on earth, I can only agree with these comments through the warm welcoming of guests and the exceptional setting with this amazing landscape.


At nightfall, after enjoying my dinner, I immersed my eyes in the sea of ​​stars before staying overnight in one of the traditional rondavel cottages, thinking of tasting my breakfast tomorrow: the highest breakfast of my African trip!

When I awoke, the view was not the same, I found myself in the clouds, surrounded by snow and the descent of the col got complicated. Every turn seemed like an eternity but remarkably soon after, I ended up with a clear sky. This sky allowed me to have a splendid view of the Drakensberg Mountains and the Sani river that runs through the valley.

So I continued my journey to my second step: the mountain Thabana Ntlenyana. Thabana-Ntlenyana is the highest peak in Southern Africa situated 3482 meters above the sea and a few kilometers from the Sani Top Chalet.


Second stage: the highest mountain in Africa, Thabana Ntlenyana.

So here I arrived to face this monster of nature and begin the climb. Throughout this tour, I met a rich array of animals: snakes that I avoided, vultures, hawks, eagles and ibis. But fortunately the vastness of this world heritage site made me forget the stiff ride…thanks to the breathtaking and relaxing scenery.

I think it will remain one of my favorite hikes, for sure!


By Marie Lesueur

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