Sun City or the ”yellow fever”…

Yellow. Yellow as the sun of course, but also as gold or sand. Yellow as coins but also as a façade tanned by the sun. A color that makes you think of the holidays. What about to take a journey inspired by the yellow color?

In South Africa, there is only one place that refers to yellow : Sun City. Sun City reflects the sun, the sand, the coins and tanned facades.

Sun City is a huge leisure resort at only two hours driving from Johannesburg. The 4 hotels where you could stay match with all kind of budget, from the affordable family holidays to luxury ones.

Likewise, the hundred activities offered will satisfy everyone: just enjoy the sun around the swimming pools or on the golf course. If you prefer gambling, let’s bet at the Sun City Casino.

sun city casino

You could also go shopping, attend to a concert as well as discover the nature that surrounds you. A stunning nature !

Indeed, Sun City is located on the edge of the Pilanesberg National Park. A park where you could enjoy a safari on an area of 55 000 hectare. If you are lucky enough you may see the famous Big Five (buffalo, leopard, lion, rhino and elephant).

The crater of a long extinct volcano is the setting of the Pilanesberg National Park. Pilanesberg is one of the largest volcanic complexes of its kind in the world. Its rare rock types and structure make it a unique geological feature.


There are nearly 200 kilometres of excellent quality roads for either self-drives or guided drives and professional guides operate within the park. Numerous hides and scenic picnic sites enable the tourist to experience “out-of-car” experiences as well.

Don’t be jealous, Sun City and the Pilanesberg will suit to everyone. For either a romantic trip or a wildlife experience, Sun City will fill you.

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