Street Art Tour, Cape Town

Just think out of the box… Walk the art trails, or should we say, the graffiti trails. An indecent or sneaky proposal ? Absolutely not!

Leaving behind its “rebel” condition, the street Graffiti is winning, slowly but surely, its pedigree and recognition among its peers.

For South Africa, Graffiti Art has a historical meaning because during the Apartheid, it was one of the only way people had to express their anger. A visual act of defiance and rebellion.

Street Art Tour Bansky Woodstock

But, nowadays, it’s definitely playing a growing part in the South African urban life…

This Graffiti Tour is, above all, an encounter with history and the unusual discovery of one of Cape Town’s area: Woodstock. You’ll walk through the streets of Woodstock, admiring pieces of art, called Street Art, painted or drawn on the walls of houses and buildings.

On this cultural expedition, you’ll be accompanied by a local guide, who has lived for more than forty years in Woodstock. It all started with the idea of sharing this amazing cultural heritage with tourists and the fear that one day it could all fall apart due to a lack of maintenance.

During one hour and a half, your guide will explain you the meanings and relevance of graffiti in South Africa’s history and culture.

Street Art Tour Heads Woodstock

This neighborhood contains an unexpectedly wide range of art that will tease your eyes which, we guarantee, are not used to look at such urban treasures.

These Graffiti’s have been designed by famous South African artists like Falko One but also international artists from England (Bansky one of the leader and very well known), France, Australia or even Ukraine.

Woodstock is a district at the confluence of communities that live together by setting their differences apart, reflecting what is the “new South Africa” with its dynamism, its trendy markets and new building developments.

Street Art, you’d better get used to it as you’ll hear from it again very soon… In 2014, guess what… Cape Town is the World Design Capital.


Street Art Tour Woodstock wall

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