Splendor and secrets of the desert

Sossusvlei is a stunning salt and clay pan, surrounded by the highest dunes in the world, some reaching 325m.

The entire Sossusvlei area is ensconced in sand and is only accessible via the dry bed of the river, Tsauchab. Many years ago the river connected to the sea, but then harsh easterly winds started to carry sand in from the Kalahari and in time, the bed gave way to the dunes.

sossusvlei namibia dead tree

Visitors arriving at Sossusvlei will immediately be overwhelmed by the silence and serenity of this truly magical place; particularly when climbing one of the pan’s dunes to admire the expanse of sand and dunes from above as they are gently coaxed by the wind.

Sossusvlei is a fascinating destination for those in search of raw beauty.

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