South Africa, an unique floral kingdom

South Africa is a country rich in natural heritage. There are parks where nature is queen and beautiful as well as stunning reserves.

So many places, most of the time very well preserved, which are ideal for observing the local wildlife and get to know the endemic plant species. It is precisely this aspect of the country that I will share with you. South Africa is so blessed with a unique blooming.

With its different climates, the South African flora counts almost 25,000 species, some native, other common to five continents. 5 major types of vegetation have been identified according to the climate.

South Africa - Protea - Floral Kingdom

The famous African savannah with its giant baobab trees is located in the north-east of the country, notably the Kruger Park.

Along the coast of the Indian Ocean, you’ll discover a completely different landscape in terms of flora. Here flourishes a subtropical vegetation rich in palm trees, wild banana trees, reeds, mangroves….

Another sign of incredible diversity is the arid region of the Kalahari, a semi-desert area which is formed essentially of succulents. As for the Drakensberg mountain range, you will hike through an amazing diversity of mountain flowers.

But if you are interested in flowers, by driving up the West Coast from Cape Town you will enter the Namaqualand and witness one of the largest flower shows in the world.

Once a year in spring (from late August until late October) the fields are covered with a carpet of 1200 species of endemic and colourful flowers. This ephemeral and wonderful phenomenon reveals the richness and variety of the Western Cape flora. Photographers, get ready!

flowers desert

The Cape Floral Region offers a rare botanical diversity. Spreading on 90 000 km2, 9600 species are listed among which 80% are indigenous. Most of the vegetation consists mainly of shrubs belonging to the families of protea, orchids, heaths, etc. The Dutch gave it the name of fijnbosh that Afrikaners transformed into “fynbos”, meaning “fine bush”.

If you want to enjoy as many floral species as you can, bear in mind that the best season to come is spring (late August to late October). At that time, the vegetation will be marvellous, especially on the slopes of Table Mountain, which gathers 80 % of the species in the area.

Nestled at the foot of Table Mountain, we invite you to walk through this floral diversity in the famous Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. The park (528 hectares) illustrates the world of flora. Thanks to many different footpaths, you can walk your own way through the gardens and learn about plants and trees which are all labelled.

The perfect place to relax and revive your senses.

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