Protect the Dolphin in Mozambique

It is believed that there are several hundred bottle-nosed dolphins living along the coastline of southern Mozambique and who need to be protected. “DolphinCare-Africa”, a non-profit organization based in Ponta Do Ouro, actively work on their conservation.

They made it their responsibility to encourage sustainable tourism in this area, which is well known for its biodiversity due to a combination of sea coast and extensive wetlands.

Dolphins in Mozambique

This organization is also supported by “Dolphin EnCountour”, a responsible eco-tour organization, based in southern Mozambique since 1995, which facilitates under water dolphin observation and interaction programs.

Together they ensure the safety of this delicate marine environment and the animals it supports, which are under constant threat.

Dolphin Care Africa has recently noticed that there is a growing will from the human being to interact with marine mammals in their natural environment. However, these encounters can badly affect marine mammals. Therefore, Dolphin Care Africa advocates a code of conduct to lessen the impact of human encounters.

Finally, Dolphin CareAfrica is dedicated to the long term data collection of marine mammals within the Ponta Partial Marine Reserve and works in hand in hand with both local and foreign NGO’s.

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