Old Mc Daddy, my vintage break

Elgin, nothing more than a few wine farms, 45mn out of Cape Town, 45 minutes drive towards Hermanus.

Almenkerk wine estate on the road, a bio market on the side, a local pub…

You’re probably thinking now, what a hell of a place! Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Going to Elgin, out of the path of the common tourist road, is just where South African likes to go.

Old Mc Daddy

A good sign, isn’t it?

And the Old Mac Daddy, a collection of vintage Airstream Trailer Suites, each designed by artist or designers is THE place to stay.

Listen to that: Old Mac Daddy consists of ten trailer suites, two lake-side units and a designer family house – Daddy’s Villa. Each of the trailer suites is a world of its own.

The Airstreams themselves have been transformed into bespoke bedrooms; each with its own theme, style and feeling – from the magical to the quirky and a whole range of delicate and wonderful things in… You definitely never see something like this before.

You will find yourself plunging into a fairy world…Your children will love it.

Fleur Kimmich

Old-Mac-Daddy South Africa

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