New Green hotel lives up to its name

The three-star Hotel Verde, situated at 400 meters from the Cape Town International Airport, is the first of its kind on the continent to adopt 100% green-living principles. It is part of the city’s “110%” green initiative to make it the province with the lowest carbon footprint.

The outside and inside decoration is a subtle blend between wild spirit and modern elegance that always tend to serve the hotel’s ambitious project.

For instance, the splendid green walls between the lounge and the bar area helps to reduce the room temperature, and absorb air contaminants and carbon dioxide.

To reach the upper floors, the environment protectors will not hesitate to use one of the three energy-efficient lifts since 30% of the input energy is recaptured and directed back into the building.

hotel verde airport cape town room

The accommodation is composed with 145 rooms, which includes 12 luxurious rooms and 4 spacious ones featuring a lounge and a kitchenette. They are all tastefully decorated in a distinguished and comfortable way.

Using indigenous plants, green roofs form a great habitat for local wildlife, and furthermore, provide insulation for those rooms below.

The hotel is built with concrete slabs containing recycled materials that allowed saving approximately 1279 tons of concrete.

In order to bypass the need for standard air-conditioning systems, traditionally one of the biggest energy consumers, Hotel Verde uses geothermal heat pumps coupled to 100 boreholes drilled appreciatively. The system is situated 65 meters into the ground, where the temperature is a consistent 19 degrees.

Energetic-independence is also insured by 220 photovoltaic panels and 3 wind turbines that can produce 78 000 kWh per year.

Water consumption is reduced by around 1,5 million liters per year thanks to a grey water recycling system, where waste water from showers and baths is collected, processed and then redirected for use in irrigation and toilet cisterns. This system is able to produce 9 000 liters per day. In addition to that, a 40 000 liters underground stainless steel tank is used to collect both rainwater and subsoil drainage water.

hotel verde cape town airport dining

The sports hall also got its “green touch” since it features energy-generating gym equipment. The hotel offers gorgeous outside areas: a pathway, leading to a mini-forest with indigenous plants and birds and a rock pool, was specifically created for enjoyment and relaxation.

The hotel sounds even more attractive for business travelers who will have the opportunity to take the most of the business center equipped with all the latest technologies.

South Africa is internationally renowned as one of the most dynamic country for responsible tourism and Hotel Verde has already won an ecological award. The country is consequently determined to become a pioneer for ecotourism.

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