My little Biscuit Mill Market

In the heart of Woodstock, The Old Biscuit Mill is open every day of the week. Do not hesitate to come and enjoy this warm place. Well…rather than place I should say little village. In this old fashioned biscuit factory, you can only have a good time in a young and relaxed atmosphere.

Once through the gates, you will discover a new world. Hundreds of people walking around the stores and the market. Not stores but stalls. You will find clothes, shoes, handbags but also photos and paintings.

Old Biscuit Mills Cape Town

All is happening in a vintage urban setting created by designers, photographers, artists and connoisseurs of fine taste who come together to share their passion.

For gourmets, go for a wander in the butcheries, cheese factories (we can find Camembert), cellars or the Chocolate Factory.

And, on Saturdays do not miss the Neighborhood market. Under the big marquee, spoil yourself with home made smoothies, sandwiches prepared right in front of you eyes, grilled mushrooms skewers and all kind of pastries each of them more original (and tastier) than the other. All of this is cooked by more than one hundred producers, artisan bakers and local talented chefs..

Day and night, do not hesitate, go!

Arsene Lefevre

Old Biscuit Mills Food Cape Town

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