Moon safari in Etosha

When we speak about safari people generally think about morning drives through the African Bush…but have you ever thought about a safari by night? What about a safari when the sun sets?

This is completely different and the bush is totally transformed; a whole variety of nocturnal animals come out when the sun goes down.

At night, your senses are magnified; your hearing is keener, and you can expect to have a completely different adventure. This is an exciting experience.

safari by night elephant at etosha park

When night falls you optimize your odds to see the big five: the elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros…but you also have the chance to see nocturnal animals such as the pangolin, aardwolf, honey badger and more.

The Etosha National Park of Namibia has many waterholes with fountains and natural springs, which are the best spots to observe animals drawn out of hiding to drink at the water’s edge.

Safari by night

The park offers many water holes: Okaukuejo is well-known and famous as the place to see the black rhino.

Lovers of predators will be delighted as lions, cheetah, and leopards can be seen at Okondeka, Halali and Goas.

Immerse yourself in this unusual adventure.

BySophia Mailly

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