Meet and interact with young South Africans

It always seems impossible until it’s done” is one of the most famous quotes from Nelson Mandela.

Many South Africans are the living incarnation of this adage through their passion, their empathy and their determination devoted to a cause or an organization.

One of the best examples around us is Alison Alexander, founder and project manager of the Rainbow House of Hope.

In an interview, she explained to us “I started the adventure in 2003, the house had just been given for the children of the ministry (at first it was a safe house for refugees). My dream of managing a safe house for children started to take shape’’.

rainbow house goodwood cape town

Children here benefit from therapies and medical care to psychological support given by professional practitioners. Musical stimulation exercises and art therapy are part of a wide range of support and activities to help them moving forward.

If you are lucky, you might even take part to a face painting animation or enjoy some scones and muffins, home-baked by the children of the Rainbow House themselves.

Visiting the orphanage and meeting these young people can truly be a fun and rewarding family experience leading to a better understanding of the young South Africans daily challenges. Not to mention the great support you’ll have shown to Rainbow House, whose main goal is to give these children the best chances for their future lives.

Rainbow of Hope (Rainbow House) operates as a place of safety for abused and abandoned children. The home was established in October 2007, and since then has obtained its NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) status. Since its inception, Rainbow House has cared for and facilitated the successful placement of 56 children.

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