Matobo Hills, unique and astonishing

Zimbabwe is undoubtedly a great destination place to discover, rediscover and experience.

Personally I like rough it a bit and go off on the beaten track. For me the Matobo Hills are magical.

I love its otherworldly landscapes, specially i would recommend you to don’t miss the «mother and child kopje», because it’s probably one of the most unique landscape in Southern Africa.

The Matobo Hills also have one of the highest concentrations of rock art in Southern Africa.The Hills are a natural reserve as well with an abundant wildlife.

Matobo Hills Zimbabwe

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Matobo Hills is situated only 45kms from Bulawayo.

You can stay at one of the rest camps which are rustic but comfortable. My personal preference is to indulge myself at the Amalinda Camp, a beautiful lodge where you enjoy walking safaris, spa safaris and many other activities.

At Camp Amalinda you’ll experience the spit of Africa in the sensitive and exquisite beauty of the Matobo Hills.

By Christian Dettori

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