Malaria, how to protect your children

“Awesome, we’re going on safari”, that was the first and logical reaction of our kids when we announced the good news…

“No, I do NOT want your pills!!!” That, was the second reaction.

Which parents have never been confronted to the stubborn rejection of their children when trying to convince them to take pills for their own good?

What could we possibly do to have them taking that damn pill?

Should we be harder and force them? Hmm, we might end up having them even more against us. We have to be more cunning.

Should we lie to them? Not very moral and that’s definitely not how we deal with things…

malaria guide what to know in south africa

Anyway, at the end of the day, “no pill no safari”… we cannot play around any longer…

But what are these pills we’re talking about? These are antimalarial tablets to be taken for our coming safari in the Kruger National Park. It’s even more important to take these during the rainy season, when mosquitoes are the most active. Children under 5 are even more concerned and should take extra precautions to prevent any mosquito bites.

Malaria can have rather serious consequences in the absence of preventive treatment.
But that’s an argument that kids wouldn’t really consider wouldn’t they…?
But do not panic!

An antimalarial treatment is amazingly simple to follow since it is just a matter of taking the prescribed tablets before, during and after the trip. Just make sure the treatment is approved by your general practitioner to avoid any potential allergies or unwanted side effects.

Furthermore, once in the bush, there are a few additional tricks you might want to adopt: like wearing long-sleeve shirts and long pants, sleeping under a mosquito net and applying mosquito-repellent on the skin. Also note that these parasites are mostly in action at dawn and dusk.
Nothing new under the sun.

malaria maap south africa

By following these simple tips and advices, we guarantee you to enjoy a safe safari holiday.

Oh, do you want to know how the “pill taking battle” ended up?

We simply told them that if they do not take these pills, they wouldn’t see the Lion King, Dumbo the elephant, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo because they would all be upset and angry with children who do not obey their parents…

An argument featherweight for parents but with a deep impact on children… Believe us!

Famille Avenant, February 2014.

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