Introducing Pilanesberg

You all know of the Kruger Park in South Africa? The biggest park of the country, well-known for its safaris. Yes, certainly. But what do you know of the Pilanesberg National Park? Nothing? The Pilanesberg is a game reserve which extends more than 572km2 in the North West Province in South Africa, approximately 2 hours journey from Johannesburg.

It still doesn’t ring a bell? Well let me give you one more clue: Do you know Sun City? If yes, you should know that the Pilanesberg borders this amazing entertainment complex and offers many different natural assets!


The Pilanesberg, it’s a stunning landscape. The eroded crater of a long-extinct volcano is the setting of the large animal sanctuary of this National Park. The heart of the crater is surrounded by plains and rockridges that the wind and the water have shaped over the years.

The Pilanesberg itself is the highest peak, from which the whole park got its name.It overlooks Mankwe Dam, a huge lake situated in the middle of the park, surrounded by mountains and wild hills. Near the lake, the scenic view is amazing; mountains, plants and wildlife surround you. You can feel only calm in front of such a landscape. Moreover, the Mankwe Lake is the main place of water wildlife. So if you wander there for a guided safari, for example, you probably won’t be alone!


The Pilanesberg does not envy its ‘older brother’ the Kruger Park for its diversity of animals and plants. This reserve is home to many different species… elephant, giraffe and both black and white rhino, lion, leopard, eland, kudu, red hartebeest, blue wildebeest, nyala and buffalo. The park is also very rich in birdlife and has a particularly rich flora. Therefore the Pilanesberg National Park is the perfect place to enjoy a safari in South Africa!


The Pilanesberg also offers a wide range of luxury lodges, in which you can live a wonderful experience in the African savanna. Whether it’s KwaMaritane Bush lodge, the Black Rhino Game lodge or the Ivory tree Game lodge (or many others), they all offer many activities and services to make your stay unforgettable and most comfortable by paying attention to the slightest details.

You can enjoy a morning safari in the National Park, unless you would prefer relaxing in the swimming pool or enjoying the spa. Whatever your choice, you won’t get tired of the amazing view and you may see many wild animals. So don’t lower your attention!

By Capucine Motte

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