Fly over the red sand dunes

Namibia is a beautiful country. Between the hot breath of the Kalahari Desert and the cold breath of the South Atlantic Ocean.

Namibia offers a stunning and almost unbelievable variety of natural phenomena.

In addition to its remarkable cultural diversity through its mosaic of peoples of various ethnic origins, its nature offers amazing settings for photographers.

Namibia offers a spectacular selection of magical views and endless panoramas. One of his most famous icons is the Namib Desert. In the Nama language of the locals, Namib means ‘stretched out’. This is a very modest understatement once you get yourself confronted with the endless red dunes of the Namib Desert.

ballooning namib desert xo africa dec 2013

The red is definitely a DNA part of the nature in Namibia, because this color characterizes so much its landscapes and shapes their moods at different times of the day.

However, the original emotional meaning of the color red stands for passion, love and warmth. Namibia is listed as one of the most romantic places in Africa. A honeymoon in Namibia can be stunning – just imagine sleeping under the sparkling stars, whilst the Namib’s red desert dunes and the Naukluft Mountains isolate you from the outside world.

Many camps have lovely honeymoon suites, set in quiet spots away from the rest of the camp, to ensure maximum privacy. Namibia is not your typical honeymoon destination – it doesn’t boast white sands and turquoise oceans, but can guarantee instead exclusive getaways into the desert or bush.

little kulala namib desert xo africa dec 2013

Little Kulala is a beautiful place to immerse yourself in this romantic atmosphere. It is located along the desert Namib. It offers comfort, peace and it will be your gateway for your excursions into the desert.

The adventure begins before sunrise. You are collected from your accommodation and driven to the take-off area. Meanwhile, the sun tenderly colors the desert with a soft red.

Once in the air, you drift silently above the dunes. And you take the full measure of the beauty of the show. Blade, then the sun bursts into a bright red and reveals the splendor of their curves. To recover from so many emotions, the champagne will be served and the fresh dishes on the tables nicely set in the heart of the desert!

If you are only going to splash out on one thing while in Namibia, ballooning should be the one. And aren’t you on a honeymoon? This can be the perfect place to pop the question.

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