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« Apparently we never leave South Africa in the same spirit as upon our arrival »

Victor L., thirty-years old, staying in South Africa with a group of his globe-trotters friends, fascinated by distant destinations, shares with us the news sent to his family.

Hi family,
I arrived in South Africa a week ago and I cannot stop thinking about the discussions we had about this beautiful and mysterious country that I discover day by day, with many surprises along the way. My trip started in Pretoria, a city of a million inhabitants who seems nevertheless so peaceful. There are thousands of Jaracandas and it’s a pleasant place to discover on foot. Pretoria is the administrative capital and it is made up of ancient memorial buildings colonial houses, which enchanted me as I love architecture. My group of friends and I decided to go cycling in a park near the city and I had the pleasure of seeing zebras and giraffes, which reminded us that we are in Africa and the bush is never very far!

Pretoria: Jaracanda trees - Old Arts Building of the University

Pretoria: Jaracanda trees – Old Arts Building of the University

Here I am in the south of the country, in Cape Town, the famous Mother City! It’s hard to resist these landscapes of such a beauty. The city is situated in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, it is overlooked by the majestic Table Mountain. A modern city in a relaxed atmosphere which offers numerous activities and a lovely environment.

Cape town: View from Lion's head

Cape town: View from Lion’s head

Yesterday, I was able to alternate hiking up the mountain, taste delicious food at the food market and relax on a beach situated some minutes from the city center – all in one day! I am impressed by the choice of good resturants and beautiful addresses: cafe’s, bakeries, bars with amazing cocktails, and European, Indian and African cuisine! There are a range of high quality establishments, these gourmet restaurants are classified as some of the best in the world! The traditional cuisine is very varied, just like the Rainbow Nation. All the cultures are intertwined in Cape Town, it is a real cosmopolitan city where cultures and religions mix together in a harmonious way.

Cape Town: Clifton Beach

Cape Town: Clifton Beach

I also learnt that the country has 11 official languages and contrary to my thought, English is not the most spoken language. Travelling in European countries, in the United States or in India is amazing, but I am simply in love with South Africa, this country is magic! As for the question of the security I don’t feel any different than I do with any other big metropolises that I had the opportunity to visit in the world, even those in France ; you have the total freedom to walk. It is simply necessary to be vigilant and to know the sensitive districts. But even there, I was surprised by the welcome which I received in the heart of the Township. I had the opportunity to savour excellent grilled meat in a simple place, but in a warm and festive atmosphere with traditional African music – one of my best memories!

I will briefly finish my email because the lively night life of Cape Town is waiting for me. After a concert in one of the most beautiful parks of the city, we will go to the most trendy night club in the city on the 31th floor of a glass tower.

Cape Town nightlife: The Crypt Jazz Club & Long Street from The Beerhouse

Cape Town nightlife: The Crypt Jazz Club & Long Street from The Beerhouse

Apparently we never leave South Africa in the same spirit as upon our arrival, I actually have to admit that without expecting it we quickly become attached to this wonderful country full of wealth!

Take care,

By Mélanie Chapellan

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