Fashion Route Cape Town

Cape Town has a lot to offer to the fashion industry. The number of designers working in the Mother City nowadays is simply surprising. Cape Town has evolved from a city where fashion was almost nameless, to a city where local designers are competing on the international stage.

The best way to discover Cape Town’s fashion is with the 4-hours Fashion Tour. This tour takes you inside the city’s fashion world by meeting designers in their own studios and boutiques. Don’t miss this chance to go behind the scenes of Cape Town’s fashion arena!


First you will meet your guide for a welcome drink, and then you’ll jump in a minibus heading to the city. You’ll get the chance to meet lots of designers and learn about the local trends and styles.
The itinerary will be decided on the day itself, but you will visit at least four design studios or boutiques.

One of the places you will visit is “The Thulare Monareng’s Fashion Deli”. Here you can browse for clothes the same way you would shop for groceries. The clothes are displayed in fruit racks. This street’s fashion is very eye-catching.

Another highlight of this tour is walking down Long Street and checking out the “Merchant on Long” shop, owned by Hanelli Rupert. Here you will find avant-guard African style. It is a place for the discerning shopper. All the top luxury brands from different continents can be found here.

It is a very eclectic tour, so anyone with interest in fashion qualifies for it, from street fashion to haute couture.

Tessa van der Zanden


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