Cape Town to honor Nelson Mandela

Have you heard about the exhibition on Nelson Mandela which has just kicked off at Cape Town ?

Project of the city of Cape Town to honor Nelson Mandela and his role in the fight for the freedom, the Mayor declared year 2013 as that dedicated to tribute for all that he made for the country.

So yesterday I decided to go to see this tribute to the former president of South Africa. I strongly advise you to make it a tour because that was really interesting.

Everything is done to make the visit enjoyable. Whatever your age, if you are museum goer or not, the exhibition is truly accessible to all.


You will follow his footsteps in only thirty minutes because the exhibition focuses on the key moments of the history of Nelson Mandela thanks to a multimedia approach with photos, quotations, micro-explanations and videos. Furthermore, you will see pictures of Nelson Mandela taken with the most famous people around the world like politicians, singers, actors … But I will not mention any names, I prefer to let you discover it by yourself!

You can see also Nelson Mandela’s huge illustration plastered on the administrative center. Drawn on some paper of A3-size by Linsey Levendall and conceived then by Abie Collins and Alberic Vollmer de Dreamfuel Media, the concept is original because in the end 600 cut pieces are placed on windows separated.

So, if you have nearby or some spare time, go and have a look. You have until July 1, 2014 to learn more about Nelson Mandela. It takes place at the Civic Center in Cape Town, 12 Hertzog Boulevard, near the train station. And it’s free!

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