Foodie or Not Foodie ?

Far from their world renowned passion for barbecue (locally called braai) and other easy clichés, one thing is for sure, one can eat well… very well in Cape Town. And the first time and unaware traveller can only be surprised.


Judging by the recent 20 nominees of a national local restaurant award that reveals every year the 10 best restaurants in the country, it seems that the Mother City is definitely the culinary hot spot of the country.
Indeed, 17 restaurants out of 20 are based in Cape Town and its surroundings.

So I took a step back and tried to grasp what makes this place so special… and all I could see was so many different styles, influences, flavors, environments… in two words, endless diversity.

Yes, diversity and I mean it in every way.  From fresh Mediterranean flavors to exotic Asian spices, local Cape Malay dishes and traditional African specialties… all this mastered by creative and often internationally trained chefs resulting in a world class restaurant scene. A scene that can take so many different shapes considering the unexpected urban and natural settings Cape Town has on its menu.

Let’s mix all these ingredients together, stir well and see what comes out:

Enjoy relaxed seafood with a glass of bubbly while gazing at the Atlantic Ocean


A trendy but nonetheless casual place located between Camps Bay and Clifton, Bungalow offers a varied menu ranging from sushi’s to beef carpaccio… for those who have worked up an appetite by lazing on the nearby beaches.


Savor a gastronomic dinner in a historic wine farm nestled in the Stellenbosch vineyards


Combining the freshest ingredients, personally selected wines and superior service, this authentic Cape Dutch venue is a haven of comfort. Head chef John Shuttleworth has designed a menu showcasing the world-class proteins of the country.


Experience the utmost fusion tasting menu in a casual, industrial-style environment that used to be a biscuit factory


With award winning chef Luke Dale-Roberts holding the reins, the restaurant is consistent in its evolution, maintaining superb standards and always seeking new flavors and ingredients to play with. Every dish is carefully and artfully presented. A micro universe on every plate.


Socialize with the Cape Town weekend crowd and enjoy some hearty and fresh street food on an organic market with Table Mountain in the background


Held on every Saturday, OZCF Market Day is a community farmers-style market for independent local farmers and artisanal food producers. This unique market offers fresh produce grown on the farm and beautiful surroundings making it a fabulous place for a family picnic and a nice stroll.


I could keep on stirring endlessly, always finding a unique combination: A Japanese fusion restaurant in 5 star Hotel on the Waterfront, an open air restaurant specialized in “braai “ – feet in the sand overlooking a lagoon, Italian trattoria, French bistro, …

I’m hungry now

By Jeff Georges

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