5 Mother City markets not to be missed!

It’s here that I have (re) discovered the simplicity of a local market, the happiness of spending a few hours in a simple and relaxed atmosphere, hanging out in the middle of the food stalls and local products. This is a great moment to share with friends or family!

The markets hold a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of South Africans. Every neighborhood has its own market with its own atmosphere!

On the contrary to what we might believe, “going to the market” isn’t only a practical thing to do, it’s not just a place where you can buy fresh products or your Sunday food.  It’s a privileged time, a real activity! In South Africa and especially in Cape Town, “going to the market” means enjoying a glass of sparkling wine and strolling amid stalls to taste some products and talk with local artisans: A rich expedition!
Noisy inside and more casual outside, you will love wandering; from one atmosphere to another, flavor to flavor…in a few steps only!

Urban, trendy, chic, and sometimes even “hipster”, Cape markets will offer you many fresh, original and well-presented products: a real pleasure for your eyes! Away from the bustle of the city a few markets are different from the urban environment and will offer you a simple and relaxed atmosphere.

It may be time for me to give you an overview of the great classics of Cape Town. These unavoidable markets where you will spend amazing times, in all simplicity!

Fancy a trendy market where you can find quality products? Let’s start from the beginning.



The Neighborhood Market is certainly one of the hottest markets of the moment. Located in The Old Biscuit Mill, in Woodstock, this market is open every Saturday morning between 9am and 3pm. Discover a busy corner, a trendy place of Cape Town, and support many local artists, musicians and farmers.



But the Neighborhood Market is far from being the only market that takes advantage of the urban activity and trends in its neighborhood. It’s also the case for the Water Shed, the new market in the Waterfront.

This huge design market offers more than 150 stalls of clothes, jewelry, decorations, cosmetics etc. You will be overwhelmed by this place!


The watershed at the Waterfront


Oranjezicht city farm organic market is also a market largely influenced by its location and its neighborhood. At the foot of Table Mountain, discover the charm of the vegetables garden and local farmers who will serve you quality fruits and vegetables!


Oranjezicht City Farm Organic Market at the foot of Table Mountain

logo-bay-harbour-marketBAY HARBOUR MARKET

Fancy a friendly and relaxed atmosphere?
Let yourself be tempted by the Bay Harbour Market, open every weekend from Friday evening.

This market located in Hout Bay, is the perfect place to have a drink, eat and buy some typical South African products, which are actually perfectly suitable for souvenirs. Not to mention concerts and great entertainment which are probably the reason why this market is so popular in Cape Town!bay-harbour-market

blue-bird-garage-marketBLUE BIRD GARAGE MARKET

In the same spirit, do not miss the opportunity to discover Muizenberg market: The Blue Bird Garage market. This market will offer you a wide variety of products and a particularly pleasant atmosphere every Friday night!

In short you must have understood that this market culture is very special in Cape Town. In South Africa, in both large cities and smaller, markets are the places to be. It’s a place where you can interact, talk, negotiate, discover and enjoy … so don’t miss it. It’s a must at Christmas time…come discover the innumerable markets of the country!

By Capucine Motte

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