Urban Safari

One only needs to start the subject, to mention its name, to arouse one of its icons for suddenly triggering a blast of multi-coloured images in the mind of the most enlightened or the most neophyte travellers.

“South Africa”

Kruger National Park, Safari, Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, Winelands, Table Mountain, Rugby, Whales and Sharks… in everyone’s consciousness, the depiction of Clegg and Mandela’s homeland is already well sketched.

But there are however images, stereotypes, consequences that like one Dali’s outline, will drive you away from reality.

This month, we take off for an urban safari amongst the streets of Cape Town and Johannesburg, using Art and Culture as a guideline. As a revealer of our daily life’s reality in South Africa.

Contemporary galleries, graffiti tours, neighbourhood markets, trendy designers, theatres and shows, we’ll use here the talent spectrum of our cities to drive you through a South African exploration, with no trompe-l’oeil. A current and cultural approach, far from the blurred clichés inherited from the past.

Life, as you will find it here…



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