Turbine Art Fair

For their 10th anniversary, The Forum Company organizes an art project called the Turbine Art Fair dedicated to artists, collectors, hobbyists, or even just people interested by Art.

This event will take place for the first time at The Forum Company, a place which belongs to the architectural history of Johannesburg, located in the cultural district of Newtown during the last weekend of July 2013.

Newton is a district of Johannesbourg which has been entirely renovated over the last years in order to turn it into a stronghold in the cultural life of the city.

turbine art fair johannesbourg 2013

Why did they decide to set up this event ? The organizers, persuaded that no only we cannot live without art but also anyone can start their own art collections, decided to create the original concept of The Forum Company.

This is a popular place for lovers of South African art and a platform for new and aspiring artists who want to exhibit their work.

Each artist can stand his own chance to present their work. In this regard, we have examples of artist who benefit of this event like Chloe Reid who recently graduated from the Michaelis School of Art. You can also find original printed works from renowned artists through different art galleries as AOP Gallery, David Krut Projects Gallery which exhibit some of these works.

It’s also an opportunity to discover the pearls still unknown to the public and especially to highlight the South African artistic wealth.

A series of free conferences will also be held during the weekend to introduce art lovers or to know how to start a collection. Conferences which are aimed to allow prospective buyers to understand the art and many other animations should offer a load of surprises around Art.

Turbine Art Fair can be seen as a great opportunity for those who make their first steps in the collection of South African art and a key space for new and aspiring artists to exhibit their work.

Amélie Fages

Where: forum, turbine hall when: July 25 to 28, 2013
Contact: www.turbineartfair.co.za / www.ticketweb.co.za
For more information on this subject: http://www.turbineartfair.co.za/exhibiting-galleries/

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