South Africa, the New Hollywood (?)

Southern Africa has a vibrant, growing film industry that is increasingly competitive internationally. Local and foreign movie makers are attracted by South Africa’s highly skilled film crews and technicians, excellent infrastructures, European look-alike scenery, abundant wildlife, indigenous forests and pristine beaches… add to that, no language barriers, a favorable exchange rate, low production costs and good weather, especially during the American and European winter.

10 000 BC  Angelina Jolie

Building on this reputation, a lot of successful big budget international productions, which you have certainly seen already, have been filmed in the area. This includes Blood Diamond with Leonardo Di Caprio, shot in South Africa and Mozambique, Lord of War starring Nicolas Cage as a global arms dealer – with Cape Town appearing as 57 different settings, also 10 000 BC and Beyond Borders with Angelina made in Namibia…

Sharing the spotlight with the foreign counterparts, the home-grown filmmakers are also in the Hollywood eye with successful local productions; the jewel in the industry’s crown being Tsotsi which won an Academy Award for best foreign language film in 2006 and the most unconventional is last summer’s hit District 9 !

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