Paul Stein, when simplicity and purity create Art

Many hotels and galleries open their door on the first Thursday of each month in order to expose various South African artists or even foreign artists. It is a great opportunity to meet the artists so they can really explain their work while you’re tasting some wine…

While walking in the streets with a bunch of friends, we passed by the Cape Heritage Hotel, a very luxurious hotel.

This hotel has been designed by Heath Nash who used recycled materials and Mielie who has contributed to the curtains and puffs which are also made from recycled fabrics. At last, Michael from Moonlight Magic has created animal trophies out of wire and paper which portray a stunning atmosphere.

There, in the New Heritage Gallery, we discovered Paul Stein’s work thanks to a very nice lady who proposed us to taste some wine, a delicious Chenin Blanc and some Merlot while explaining to us what we were going to see.


Born in Johannesburg in 1956, Paul’s parents were part of the cultural scene of JHB in the sixties and through them he was exposed to many artists of that era (in particular, Eduardo Villa).

He usually says about his work: “As far as subject matter, one of my current interests is the notion of genesis and concept of locked in ideas. The idea is of a powerful impulse which needs to find a way out of a matrix and be brought into life, and these mysterious life strengths moves these bundles of energy  in time. I find inspiration in Contemporary Jewellery, the Architecture of our time, machinery from the Industrial era, the natural world.”

An interesting characteristic about this exhibition was that, the room where the works were exposed had no light and we could use our own flashlight to observe Paul’s work and interact directly with his work.

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