Immerse Yourself in the Swazi Culture

Mbabane region


Traveling through Southern Africa brings opportunities to discover treasures you would never have  suspected. A mixture of landscapes and cultures that has not yet revealed all its facets.

Besides its endless landscapes, its timeless wealth, and its unique atmosphere, this small Southern African nation is full of secrets and stories largely influenced by the Swazi culture. The invitation is given to anyone looking for honesty and authenticity !

Swazi culture

We invite you to completely immerse yourself in this unique culture by spending a night in a Swazi community. You’ll get the opportunity to taste the local cuisine, to share life stories and experiences by the fire, learn some words of the local language and interact with the people…

We guarantee you, this a once in a lifetime experience you won’t regret nor forget anytime soon.

Swazi huts


By Xavier Lopes


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