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Graffiti ? Street Art ? The word used to qualify his art does not really matter. Indeed, Falko, a South African “street artist” who has been expressing his talent in South African’s streets since more than 20 years, does not really care about semantics.

What matters to him is to make good use of his characters – children, adults or animal – and of his colors in order to convey emotions. His works often present concrete situations or imaginary ones occasionally; but each time, he manages to accomplish this objective.

Quick drawings interacting with the urban environment, huge high-precision frescos, or just short sentences being projected in a wall from the bottom of his aerosol spray: all these accomplishments manage to catch the pedestrian’s attention at first sight.

falko once upon a town dec 2013

Falko leaves it to the others all violent pictures and words. His expression communicates positive values such as respect, tolerance, unity and always aims at bringing out the beauty of African’s nature.

This artist is a pioneer in Africa’s contemporary urban art. He puts this experience in the service of another terrific cause: contributing to give some African landscapes their letters of nobility back. This is a project he has decided to undertake a couple of years ago like in the town of Darling in 2011 and in Mamre and Pella in 2012.

By spreading out colors and cheerfulness through those villages, Falko boosts the population’s hope and joie de vivre. Drawing acts like the conveyor of happiness thanks to positive waves that exude from it. The consequence is that many places formerly considered as unwelcoming have now become unique, intriguing, in one word: attractive.

And this is what socially-engaged art is made for when it is undertaken with honesty and conviction: promoting and making a great cause progress.

falko once upon a town dec 2013 south africa

The artist overflows with fascinating and large-scale projects that denotes his wide ambition. One project in particular could see the light of day in the short-term if he succeeds to collect enough financings.

This project has to remain secret in order to retain its deepest interest, and we are proud to be at his side to help him carrying out his work.

Join us in this astounding socio-artistic adventure and help him gathering enough funds to launch the project.

Then, it will be Falko’s turn to act for our greatest pleasure.

If the intention arouses your curiosity, feel free to contact us : .

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