Artist Creates Anti-Poaching Robots

Robert Chew is an American digital artist graduated of the Academy of Art University with a BFA in Traditional Illustration.

He imagined a design’s concept called “Big Five Project”.

His project is inspired by the effort of the IAPF (International Anti-Poaching Foundation) and their use of drones to protect endangered animals in Africa, rhinos and elephants precisely.

Animals which suffer from increasing poaching : rhinos for their horns and elephants for their ivory, which represent the 4th illegal world market.


His work is available on his website,, and is on sale. All profit will be donated to the IAPF to allow them to keep doing what they are doing.

It is his way of showing his support to them who provide a fantastic job but whose service is still terribly undervalued in terms of benefit for the planet.

The “Big Five Project” consisted to draw and imagine mechas animals which serve and protect animals in Africa and also help rangers against poaching. There are buffalos, lions & lionesses, leopards, rhinos, African wild dogs and elephants.

Moreover he drew other species as owls, scavengers, kingfisher (or Kingsniper because of the weapon), grizzlies, vultures, whales and orcas.

Each of those animals has its own abilities, and the artist explained their functions.

MECHA RHINO by robert chew

It is a project phase and conceptual, but with a desire to see those mechas animals become true and help rangers whose protect endangered species. Even created, these mechs animals can normally live with its specie and act like them.

But like we said, even if it looks like just a concept, it’s definitely worth a look.

Timothy Glandy

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