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Robyn Jeftha

One of us – Robyn Jeftha, Leisure Travel Consultant

What is you background? Well, I am born and bred here in beautiful Cape Town. I did French as a third language at school and through my French got the wonderful opportunity to travel abroad a couple of times and that has really broadened my horizon. How would you define your job? I should say […]

One of Us: Marie Wilcox

One of us : Marie Wilcox

What is your story? Why did you arrive in Cape Town? I was travelling around the world and I met a few South African people when I was in London in the 90’s. They told me that Cape Town was one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Needless to say I had to check […]

One of us: Chanelle Diergaardt, Leisure Travel Team Leader

What is your background? At the moment, a white wall… Just kidding… I was born and bred in Cape Town, finished High school and then went on to do a Bachelors degree in Tourism Management. In my 3rd year, I did an internship at Tsitsikamma National Park and while finishing my 4th year of studies, […]

One of us: Jameela Wagener, Leisure Travel Consultant

1- How and Why did you arrive in Cape Town? I arrived in Cape Town in June 2008. Even though my mother is South African and my father German my siblings and I all grew up in Germany. We lived all our life in Germany till nearly 7 years ago. Cape Town has always felt […]

Faizel Martin

One of us: Faizel Martin, Leisure Travel Consultant

What is your background ? My background is in Travel & Tourism. Though I studied Human Resources in my formative years, I received my first pay cheque through a tourism related job. I always wanted to travel the world and found that working in the tourism industry made this dream come life in many ways. […]

Edito 061 – Home straight

In less than 20 days, we’ll have a brand new year before us. Kilometers of wrapping paper will have migrated from under the Christmas tree to a far less cosy place, waiting patiently to be recycled. Billions of SMS’s will be waiting THE moment to be sent out. Some will talk about the commitments that, […]

One of us: Pauline Joiris, Leisure Travel Consultant

Why did you arrive in Cape Town? My boyfriend and I wanted to leave Belgium for a sunny place. We thought a lot about it and decided to move to Cape Town. We arrived here in April 2013. We travelled a lot through the country while searching for a job. In November 2013, XO Africa […]

Done in 60 editions

To Celebrate In Style(1) our 60th newsletter, we wanted something Glamour(2), even some Hot stuff(3), to mark the occasion. So, we took a walk in XO’s kitchen(4), to attempt to define what makes XO so special. Looking for some magic formula, like an X2 0(5) elixir that would make your Travel Out of the box(6). Ready to Dive […]

Alessandra Klein - Leisure Travel Consultant

One of us: Alessandra Klein, Leisure Travel Consultant

Why did you arrive in Cape Town? My husband and I had been living in China for a few years while I was working as a Lifestyle Editor and no matter how exhilarating my job was it was time for a change again. He is South African and I had been to Cape Town and […]

Living in the Mother City

Today, we have exclusively interviewed two XO Events consultants. Discover these two French girls who left their country to live halfway around the world… We met them in their office in Cape Town, South Africa, smiley, relaxed and happy to live in this region. Sophie arrived in Cape Town 10 months ago and she confides […]