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Track the turtles with your kids

Here’s a little adventure for your children that make you think of the novels of Robert Louis Stevenson. The ” Treasure Island’’ ? Close to indeed. A Thonga beach lodge, one of their treasure, they are the turtles. To observe them in their natural environment, we reoa small overnight shipping 4×4 vehicle with a guide. […]

awarded film joubert zarafa camp lions

Awarded film for the protection of the lions

Launched in 1991, the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival is a biennial conference attended by more than 600 international professionals in order to engage lively discussions, seminars, and forums devoted to the nature preservation. Its aim is also to raise awareness and multiply the innovative actions allowing to attract the attention of the international community. […]

Sodwana Bay

The Amazing Race : ‘’The Sardine Run’’

Every year, between the months of May and July, billions of sardines spawn in the cool waters of the Agulhas Bank and frantically swim northward along the east coast of South Africa. It’s often a suicide journey for the fish as they are preyed on by frenzied sharks, dolphins, whales, tuna and seagulls and gannets […]

swakopmund quad namibia

Sea, sand & fun at Swakopmund

Swakopmund is Namibia’s largest coastal town and a choice destination for vacationers. Founded in 1892 by German settlers, the town’s European-style architecture is awe-inspiring against the backdrop of the beautiful beaches. If you’re an extreme sports enthusiast, Swakopmund has it all on offer, including eco-sensitive quad biking and sandboarding over the dunes, skydiving, windsurfing in […]

Protect the Dolphin in Mozambique

It is believed that there are several hundred bottle-nosed dolphins living along the coastline of southern Mozambique and who need to be protected. “DolphinCare-Africa”, a non-profit organization based in Ponta Do Ouro, actively work on their conservation. They made it their responsibility to encourage sustainable tourism in this area, which is well known for its […]

Are you able to switch off?

On rare occasions for me. This may disappoint many… However, there is a place that allows me to instinctively escape from the daily pressures: the Bush, Savanna and Wilderness. First, once in the bush, there are the scents. Warm, amber aromas of dry grass, of the spicy dust… sometimes sweet … sometimes strong and musky. […]

7 tips to enjoy your safari

1/ Bring with you warm clothes. Always take a fleece and a scarf, among others. Surprising? Yes it is Africa, it’s hot, the sun can be relentless … but do not forget the freshness of an early wake up and a game drive in an open 4×4 ! So take these along to protect you […]

Keep the African Wild Dog… wild

African Wild Dog conservation (AWDC) is a long-term research project established to conserve the endangered African Wild Dog conservation in Zambia. The study which was originally based in the lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia, with its rugged escarpment to the north, the river, and its numerous islands, lagoons and floodplains attracts most of the […]