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Edito Newsletter 057

Edito 057 – All night long

At the hour when the day takes flight All animate Nature is subdued By some obscure disquietude Descending from the stars at night. Victor Hugo would have done a good job writing the editorial of this newsletter, would’nt he? For all, the long evening during summer holidays are always among the best time of the […]

Edito 056 – Let’s be Unusual

Unusual: astonishing, bizarre, curious, rare, unexpected… Whether this adjective is abundantly used in mass media headings, it has however a more elaborate signification when it implies a notion of “creativity”. Or, to highlight what does not fit the conventional standards. In our case, mass tourism. The quest of new experiences, those that lead you out […]

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Edito 55 – Lush, Wild and Tasteful…

Obviously, everyone has heard of Cape Town. Table Mountain, the Winelands, the Cape of Good Hope… The Kruger Park, the Blyde River, the Kwazulu Natal with its Zulu culture, its safaris and its beaches should also be of common knowledge. There is also a region that stretches from Port Elisabeth to Cape Town. A coastal […]

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Edito 054 – Travel For Kids

By now, you should have guessed that I work in the Travel & Events organisation business… and this for a good fifteen years now. Events, incentives, VIP’s… I’ve stopped counting them a long time ago. But I must tell you there’s something that still remains complicated for me: the organisation and logistic of the annual family […]

Edito 053 – Romance in Africa

For a long time, one can hear “Romance is lost”. Considering our current life with its rhythm and constrains, or the daily news in the media ‘s mixing together faulty weather forecasts, lost politicians, egocentric conflicts and crisis, culture ranging from Miley Cyrus to the last Scorsese’s movie, gossips from the last dating website or […]

What if we knew what is best for you?

What if we knew what is best for you? What if Guy Savoy told you: “sit down and relax, I’m preparing you a lobster in its shell with concentrated jus… you will love it!” Funny idea, isn’t it…? We receive 2 to 3 incentives and events briefs every day and no less than 20 individual […]

Edito 051 – Tanning me softly

Photoprotection via passive screening of solar radiation. According to me, we don’t communicate enough on skin protection and all the noxious impacts the sun’s ultraviolet radiation can cause. Thus, it is of sunscreen that we are going to talk about in this first edition of the year. In return for a small fee due to […]

50 Shades of…

If our newsletter gets its inspiration from E.L.James’ steamy affair, it is mainly to praise our 50th release. Though we could draw a parallel with the masochism needed to fulfil our daily duty of Travel and Events Organizers… Or even, compare the surrounding sadism with the electrified life of Christian Grey… showing how domination and […]

Urban Safari

One only needs to start the subject, to mention its name, to arouse one of its icons for suddenly triggering a blast of multi-coloured images in the mind of the most enlightened or the most neophyte travellers. “South Africa” Kruger National Park, Safari, Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, Winelands, Table Mountain, Rugby, Whales and […]

Edito 048 – Travel like a star

Travel like a star… Ok, but which one? Lennon? Churchill? Lady Gaga? Clinton? De Niro? Not Justin Bieber, right?!!! First of all, like Stephane Hessel, I would like to express my deepest outrage towards Morgane and Arsène who drove this 48th theme. Seriously. I find no interest at all in it. Only poorly placed ostentation. […]