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Edito 068 – Happy New Year !

Starting a new year always comes with a collection of new goals and resolutions… Happier, healthier, richer – and of course asking for divine invocation is the number 1 hit every year. In reality the failed resolutions that we had set for ourselves the previous year are often underlining the new ones… So does that mean […]

Edito 066 – Family Affair

One thing for sure that requires planning, is a family trip! First of all, choose the destination. You can go for an exotic one but it has to be thought-through. A destination that will please the youngest that still doesn’t let go of his dummy, disconnect the teenagers from their smartphones and allow mom and […]

Edito 065 – Who’s the Best?

Who’s the best…? The tallest, the strongest, the most beautiful…? Magnificent, superb, exquisite splendid, unique, exhilarating, breathtaking. Exotic, authentic, dynamic, romantic, symbolic… I opened the brochure of a Tour Operator… I have indeed improved my vocabulary with new superlatives and adjectives that will prove useful when the inspiration runs low but I still don’t know […]

Heading North - Edito 064

Edito 064 – Spring Summer Collection

Imagine a tawny envelop made of graphic effects that underline a fluid line, elegant but tonic, supported by an opal white corset and adorned by a wide brown shawl, revealing some modest coquetry, a free spirit, a sharp and mischievous character. In this spectacle, the Springbok treats us with its uneven bounces with a burning […]

Edito 062 – Back to the Future

  Already Feb? Time flies… Last year, we took leave from you on an assortment of gastronomic ideas, a selection of cultural and culinary concepts depicting the taste diversity of South Africa. Now that we’ve all digested, let’s start this New Year with movement, speed and rhythm by keeping a streamlined tempo. Let’s travel by […]

Edito 061 – Home straight

In less than 20 days, we’ll have a brand new year before us. Kilometers of wrapping paper will have migrated from under the Christmas tree to a far less cosy place, waiting patiently to be recycled. Billions of SMS’s will be waiting THE moment to be sent out. Some will talk about the commitments that, […]

Edito 060 – Through the Wormhole…

Gustave Flaubert never had the chance to go on vacation in South Africa… too bad. He would certainly have picked up new ideas for his “Dictionary of Received Ideas”. With certainly less talent, but not necessarily fewer resources, this newsletter is committed, not without humour, to fight some preconceived ideas on our destinations. I must […]

Edito 059 – The Inseparable Couple

First of all, it’s only a two hours’ drive from Johannesburg. Two hours to find yourself in this 550 km² volcanic national park where more than 7000 animals can be found… wild animals that is. The Big Five? Yes, you will find them there. Which is not the case of Malaria that has vanished from […]

Edito 058 – The 5th Element

Whether it’s been hot or cold, dry or wet, I assume and hope you all had a great holiday. And if this little foreword indeed suggests that “When summer ends, one has to go back to work”, it is even more consistent with the theme of our September edition: The 4 Elements. This newsletter isn’t […]