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Edito 056 – Let’s be Unusual

Unusual: astonishing, bizarre, curious, rare, unexpected…

Whether this adjective is abundantly used in mass media headings, it has however a more elaborate signification when it implies a notion of “creativity”. Or, to highlight what does not fit the conventional standards. In our case, mass tourism.

The quest of new experiences, those that lead you out of the traditional practices, those that make you think, discover… is an ongoing constant, a value that drives us since the beginning.

We strive to think “Out of the box”, to find the places, the ideas and services that in the end will make us different.


Being “unusual” requires taking risks, ensuring no compromise on quality. To get out of a frame when everything tells you to stay put. To take your responsibilities for enjoying your freedom.

For you, this freedom is that of Travel. In a flexible context for a real and authentic experience.

This month’ newsletter not only invites you to think on your accommodation choices but also to visualize the possibilities of adding an original touch to your trip.

Astonishing, bizarre, curious, rare, unexpected…

Simply, unusual.

BySébastien Charrieras

Pemba Offshore Luxury

The Manta Resort

Pemba Island – Tanzania

Imagine your own private little island in the middle of a turquoise lagoon… Imagine yourself lying on the deck by a clear and mild night, under the billion of stars… Imagine that through your bedroom windows, you can admire the underwater world wonders. This dream of serenity took shape off the coats of Pemba Island, in the Zanzibar archipelago (Tanzania).

Manta Resort - Aerial view

For a few month, The Manta Resort offers a unique concept created by the Swedish artist, Mikael Genberg, renowned for his unexpected constructions, on water or in the air. The structure is divided in three levels : a deck / terrace from where to enjoy the sun during the day or the stars by night, a lounge area with bathroom at sea level, and a bedroom four meters below the surface with an almost 360° view in crystal clear water.


From your bedroom, you’ll be lucky enough to spot one of those uncountable creatures with poetic names living in the coral reefs: bat fish, trumpet fish, butterfly fish, leaf fish, damsel fish, ribbon eel… And yes, as you might have guessed, Pemba Island is a paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts.

250 meters from the coast, with nobody around except the lucky one accompanying you, you’ll experience the utmost luxury made of peace, seclusion and intimacy with nature.

Manta Resort - Submarine view

If solitude starts to weigh on you, you can still pop on Pemba Island and discover its green mangroves and lush forests, or simply enjoy dinner at the hotel restaurant, your feet in the sand.

ByMuriel Romero

Take a Presidential Break

Chichele Presidential Lodge


Chichele Presidential Lodge

The name says it all… Chichele Presidential Lodge was built in the 70’s, for the weekend and private parties of the Zambian President Kenneth Kauda. Well, you are a President or not…

Set on a hilltop overlooking the valleys of the South Luangwa National Park, this historic property was carefully restored to maintain its original colonial style, an ideal hide away to relax and enjoy the prolific wildlife of the Park.

Chichele Presidential Lodge

Each of the ten elegant suites occupied by the President, his family and bodyguards, have also seen numerous African Presidents coming for sunbathing by the olympian pool or enjoying the comfortable lounge, the intimate fireplace or the bar area. Unfortunately, we don’t have picture of this.

This historic colonial-style residence, is now an atypical lodge, affording views down the valley to the Luangwa itself, allowing guests to freely drive through the Park, famously known for its opulent wildlife and walking safaris.

Chichele Presidential Lodge

BySébastien Charrieras

A Cruising Safari Holiday

Ichobozi Luxury Safari Boat

Chobe and Zambezi Rivers

If you are looking for a unique safari experience in a spectacular setting, you will be amazed by the Ichobezi Luxury Safari Boat. This state-of-the-art luxury cruiser drifts down the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers in northern Botswana and Namibia. The guest bedrooms with sliding windows opening onto the water and the 360 degree view deck offers idyllic viewing for African wildlife as well as brilliant sunrises and sunsets.

PAN1 Ichebozi

The perspective of game from a houseboat is different from being on land; it allows you to get closer to the large variety of game including buffalo, giraffe, kudu, waterbuck and even large troops of elephants.

Within the river itself, there are numerous hippos and crocodiles and bird watching is a year-round pleasure, with over four hundred recorded species and a combination of water birds and woodland birds on the island.

Ichebozi Safari Boat - Giraffes

Additionally, you have your own motorboat per cabin and an experienced guide for more game viewing, tiger fishing or to explore a nearby village to meet the local people. During your stay the chef will be sure to delight you with his mouthwatering cuisine.


The boat cruises about 4 hours each day along Chobe National Park and then anchors for the night, which allows for a quiet night’s sleep.

ByFlorence Vanleuven

Re­discover South Africa

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a luxury treehouse, in a legendary train or even in a caravan parked on the very top of a building?
Well, your dream is about to come true since South Africa abounds of these unusual places!
We’ve selected some of the best for you that we highlight in this itinerary, ideal for a special occasion or just to break free from the ordinary !

Unusual hotels itinerary

Arrival in Johannesburg

Day 1 Back to the roots

Cradle of Human Kind – Johannesburg

The Cradle of Humankind, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is a major palaeontological site. In the middle of the treasures of the old days, is hidden a contemporary building, The Pavilion. This 60 square meter glass box aims to create an intimate relationship with the scenery. A dialogue with the former time…

The Pavilion Johannesburg

Flight to Skukuza

Day 2 Let’s sleep in a tree

Lion Sands – Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Perched in a tree in the middle of the bush, this amazing wooden treehouse offers the comfort of a luxury lodge. Spend the most romantic night under the African stars and enjoy an unforgettable safari experience!

Lion Sands - Sabi sands

Flight back to Johannesburg

Transfer to Pretoria

Days 3 and 4 Get away out of time

A 1600 km journey between Pretoria and Cape Town on board the Rovos Rail

Now boarding for 2 nights and 2 days for a journey out of time. Known as the most luxurious train in the world, the Rovos takes you from Pretoria all the way to Cape Town or other African destinations. A mythical trip to admire Africa from your 1st class cabin !

Rovos train

Arrival in Cape Town

Day 5 Funky night in a caravan

Long Street – Cape Town

Stay in vibrant Long Street in a playful mobile home. Set up on the hotel rooftop, 7 vintage caravans have been converted in colorful 2 sleepers hotel rooms. Designed by local artists, each trailer has its unique arty and fun style !

Grand Daddy Hotel

Transfer to Hout Bay

Day 6 Feel remote

Hout Bay – Cape Town

For the grand finale of this itinerary, you’ll stay on the shore of the Atlantic ocean in a unique location. Nestled under the famous Chapman’s Peak Drive, Tintswalo Atlantic is a hidden gem of the Cape Peninsula. This magic place has the best view on the ocean and Hout Bay. The quietness invites you to relax and to enjoy the beauty and the whales in season !

Tintswalo Atlantic

ByPauline Joiris

A Peaceful Hideaway in the Delta

Xugana Island Lodge

Okavango Delta – Botswana

If you are looking for a luxurious and remote hideaway, Xugana Island Lodge, located in the middle of the luxuriant Okavango Delta, is perfect for you. The island itself is only reachable by private plane or boat. Once you have reached the lodge, you’ll rapidly enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere of this secluded place.

Xugana Island Lodge

The 8 suites of the lodge consist of luxury wooden chalets, each of them having its own view on the delta and ensuring that the exclusivity of the lodge is preserved. Xugana Island Lodge also boasts all the needed amenities and services such as a bar, a restaurant, a swimming pool as well as a boma to admire the breathtaking sunsets on the Okavango Delta.

PAN3 Xugana

The lodge offers “a la carte” activities; such as Boat and Walking Safaris. Enjoy a cruise on a typical mokoro (Botswana’s pirogue) or a motorized craft, both are ideal to get as close as possible of hippos, crocodiles, frogs and the multitude of birds that live in the area (over 450 species).

Xugana Island Lodge

BySoraya Hébert

Under the Starry Sky of the Namib Desert

Tok Tokkie Trails

Namibrand Nature Reserve

Tok Tokkie Trails is a one day and a half guided walk in the Namibian Desert with a sleep-out camp under the Namibian night sky. You will be captivated by the splendid colors of this endless landscape and amazed by the multi facets of the environment within an absorbing silence.

Tok Tokkie - Desert

You’ll discover a fauna and flora as surprising as varied. The barking gecko, the dancing “White Lady” spider and the bat-eared fox are just a sample of the unusual animals inhabiting this area.

You’ll live intense moments, especially at sunrise and sunset when the light reveals and enhances the whole desert color palette.

Tok Tokkie - Dinner in the desert

In the evening, you’ll be invited to get to your « bedroom », set amid the sand and will sleep wonderfully under the desert starry sky, untouched by any light pollution.

BySoraya Hébert

Immerse Yourself in the Swazi Culture

Mbabane region


Traveling through Southern Africa brings opportunities to discover treasures you would never have  suspected. A mixture of landscapes and cultures that has not yet revealed all its facets.

Besides its endless landscapes, its timeless wealth, and its unique atmosphere, this small Southern African nation is full of secrets and stories largely influenced by the Swazi culture. The invitation is given to anyone looking for honesty and authenticity !

Swazi culture

We invite you to completely immerse yourself in this unique culture by spending a night in a Swazi community. You’ll get the opportunity to taste the local cuisine, to share life stories and experiences by the fire, learn some words of the local language and interact with the people…

We guarantee you, this a once in a lifetime experience you won’t regret nor forget anytime soon.

Swazi huts


By Xavier Lopes