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A journey to walk in Nelson Mandela’s footsteps

South Africa’s Minister of Tourism, Marthinus van Schalkwyk, has launched ‘Madiba Inspired Tourist Attractions’, a travel map that encourages tourists from around the world to come to South Africa to walk in former President Nelson Mandela’s footsteps.

Developed by South African Tourism in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, the map highlights tourist sites as well as general places of interest in the four main provinces that defined Mandela’s life.

apartheid museum south africa madiba s travel

These include: the Eastern Cape, where he was born, grew up and attended Fort Hare University; Gauteng, where he worked as a human rights lawyer and became instrumental in South Africa’s political struggle; KwaZulu-Natal, where he was captured and the Western Cape, where he was imprisoned and ultimately freed.

Since Mandela’s release from prison in February 1990, a number of world-class museums, monuments and precincts have been developed to bring his story to life and to cater for the demand to better understand South Africa’s history.

The Madiba Inspired Tourist Attractions map includes well-known attractions such as :

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Robben Island, where Mandela was imprisoned and Mandela’s house on Vilakazi Street in Soweto, the only street in the world to have had two Nobel Peace Prize winners as residents, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

Nelson Mandela Campaigns In South Africa On March 15, 1994.

It also features some of the lesser known attractions such as the Kliptown Open-Air Museum, also in Soweto, which marks the spot where the Freedom Charter was adopted by the Congress of the People. The Nelson Mandela Youth and Heritage Centre in Mandela’s childhood home, Qunu, where he was buried is also featured in the map.

Background information, contact details and approximate cover charge information for the various attractions and places of interest are also included.

robben island madiba s travel

In 1993, the year before Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first democratically elected president, South Africa had 3.4. million international arrivals. In 2012 South Africa welcomed 13.5 million people to the country, of which close to 9.2 million were tourists (people who spent one or more nights in South Africa).

District 6, History and vibrant culture

District Six is the name of the former district where African, Malaysian and Asian were used to live in harmony. District Six was a vibrant centre with close links to the city and the port.

The South African government rapidly decided that these people were living too close to the whites settled down in the city center. It was therefore implemented a project to relocate the residents. The first to be forced out were black South Africans who were displaced from the District.

The biggest decision was made on the 11th of February 1966 because it was declared a white area under the Group Areas Act of 1950, and by 1982, the life of the community was over. More than 60 000 people were forcibly removed to barren outlying areas aptly known as the Cape Flats.

hanover street district 6 cape town

In addition, these people who were not “white” were to follow new laws: separate schools, respect forbidden places, or not to be in the company of white people, new passports were created to differentiate who was African, Malaysian, Asian and white. Violate these laws could lead to imprisonment. They have struggled for decades to bring back a more “egalitarian” system.

Today the District Six, the symbol of segregation tries to get back its unique, vibrant and multicultural atmosphere.

The area hosts one of the largest universities of Cape Town. The district offers many cafes and bars with various concepts, trendy places where people can mingle and have a good time.

Our tour of the neighborhood aims to help you to select different stage we recommend you during your discovery off the beaten track of a Cape Town, seen and reviewed trails.

Begin by Charly’s Bakery, 38 Canterbury Street, in a building designed with colorful graffiti walls and offset tones: it’s one of the most renowned pastry in Cape Town where you can enjoy their delicious cupcakes, cakes and many well other pastries that will make your mouth water. An excellent start to take the necessary forces and beat the pavement with a load of energy during your visit.

charlys bakery interior district 6

Let’s go to the District Six Museum in order to know a little bit more about the history of this area and even the history of South Africa. The museum welcomes you in a modest building but the visit is well-made with many spaces, images which date back to history, different staging and even reconstruction of the interior of a typical house at the time. For even more interaction, visits can be made with a former resident of the District Six. And thus capture the essence of this neighborhood and its tragic fate but now turned to its rebirth. It is located at 25 Buitenkant Street.


We now head to the Book Lounge which is a bookstore richly endowed with South African literature but also international, available in the language of Shakespeare. By his old style and cozy interior, this place is ideal for relaxing with sofas to browse a good book at the ground floor or at the basement. Its managers will be happy to recommend books to suit your tastes. The book is at Lounge 71 Roeland Street, and good reading.

book lounge district 6

Culture again but this time with the Fugard Theatre, created in 1839, making it the oldest theater in Cape Town. Its name comes from Athol Fugard who is the most significant and internationally South African’s acclaimed playwright. Theater popular with locals Cape regularly produces shows of international renown such as The Rocky Horror Show, Two Brothers or Romeo &Juliet. It is located on Harrington Street and Caledon Street.

fugard theatre district 6

District Six is still physically marked by vacant land, inheritance of his destruction. However, a rehabilitation project is underway: ” Fringe ” whose aim is to give more life to the area that was filled with it by the past. And its integration, its natural return to Cape Town.

Timothé & Stéphane

Edito 053 – Romance in Africa

For a long time, one can hear “Romance is lost”.

Considering our current life with its rhythm and constrains, or the daily news in the media ‘s mixing together faulty weather forecasts, lost politicians, egocentric conflicts and crisis, culture ranging from Miley Cyrus to the last Scorsese’s movie, gossips from the last dating website or popular selfie… indeed, we can’t really say that Romance is in fashion this year…

Should we be sorry about this? Would it be wrong to add a little sensitivity to our lives? A bit of consideration, of sharing and listening?

tumblr_mcx5m46F9B1qcbk34o3_250 tumblr_mcx5m46F9B1qcbk34o4_250
Anyway, once again leaving the trends where they belong, we asked the ladies in the team where Romance would lead them.

In this newsletter, their finest places, to share of course , are revealed. From safari lodges guaranteeing you intimate privacy to a sumptuous lobster dinner on a secluded beach… Gentlemen, these women know what they’re talking about…

Sweethearts, it is your turn now. Remember, a honeymoon can always happen.


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Old Mc Daddy, my vintage break

Elgin, nothing more than a few wine farms, 45mn out of Cape Town, 45 minutes drive towards Hermanus.

Almenkerk wine estate on the road, a bio market on the side, a local pub…

You’re probably thinking now, what a hell of a place! Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Going to Elgin, out of the path of the common tourist road, is just where South African likes to go.

Old Mc Daddy

A good sign, isn’t it?

And the Old Mac Daddy, a collection of vintage Airstream Trailer Suites, each designed by artist or designers is THE place to stay.

Listen to that: Old Mac Daddy consists of ten trailer suites, two lake-side units and a designer family house – Daddy’s Villa. Each of the trailer suites is a world of its own.

The Airstreams themselves have been transformed into bespoke bedrooms; each with its own theme, style and feeling – from the magical to the quirky and a whole range of delicate and wonderful things in… You definitely never see something like this before.

You will find yourself plunging into a fairy world…Your children will love it.

Fleur Kimmich

Old-Mac-Daddy South Africa

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Welcome to your ideal haven

Green freshness embodied by the river, a source of extraordinary life for the abundant wildlife.

The Delta is an oasis amidst the vast plains and pans of the desert that covers most of Southern Africa. Its waterways are a collection of meandering channels, creating a haven for Africa’s most notable wildlife. The Okavango Delta is the spectacular result of the Okavango (Kavango) River flowing into the Kalahari Desert.

This only source of water during the dry period the Okavango Delta attracts thousands of animals creating one of Africa’s greatest concentrations of wildlife.


The Okavango Delta is not only a unique landscape of diverse habitats, but big game, birdlife and little amphibian species proliferate like they do in few other places.

Many Lodges offers you the opportunity to explore this watery wonderland in a traditional mokoro boat, on foot or from the rooftop of your suite.

It will be an ideal haven for a few days away from all, relax among one of the eco-friendly lodges scattered discreetly. And thus enter into total harmony with an African decor that exudes authenticity and its vulnerable beauty that demand our compassionate care, our peaceful careful to live through the ages.

Cécile Castoldi


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The magnificent Islands of Siankaba

I recently visited paradise – also known as The Islands of Siankaba.

There is no better way to describe this luxury lodge, nestled serenely on two private islands in the middle of the immense Zambezi River, situated between the magnificent Victoria Falls, and the world renowned Chobe National Park.

My chalet was one of only seven and epitomized comfort and style, with ceiling fans, huge bath tubs, separate showers and unique, hand selected aromatherapy products – not to mention verandah views over the Zambezi!


Walkways made of natural materials link the islands and I enjoyed strolling along them while taking in the surrounding bush and serenity of the riverine.

I took part in many of the included activities like guided nature walks, a tour of Victoria Falls and a cultural tour of Siankaba Village by mountain bike.

There are also a variety of other activities not included in the package that are worthy of exploration – my favorite being an elephant ride. Make it your mission to visit these islands, it’s a magical experience.

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Where authenticity rhymes with ecology

Welcome to Mozambique! Again?! You’re asking… and I reply… “Yes”… and “no”.

Yes we have already covered this region, but no we have not yet introduced the Ihla de Mocambique to you.

Classified as a world heritage sight by UNESCO, it is situated in the northern province of Nampula. Over the centuries this strategic location created a meeting point for diverse civilizations: Bantus, arabs, Indians and Europeans.

coral lodge mozambique

Today it remains the ancient colonial capital where intermingling cultures create a fascinating mix. But the discovery doesn’t end here. Let’s go to the point of Peninsula where we’ll find a haven of peace and well-being. Its name includes the GPS coordinates – to give you an idea of just how secret its location still is.

Coral Lodge 15.41 invites you to relax in an authentic African atmosphere that perfectly combines luxury with comfort. The 10 villas respect the natural surroundings and from the top of their sand dunes they allow you to enjoy the incredible views and the Indian Ocean breeze.

Thanks to its location this new lodge caters for all needs, whether orientated towards sport, culture or people. So don’t hesitate one moment, families or couples, here all your wishes will come true!

Coral lodge beach mozambique

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The Royal Madikwe Hills, ”your home safari”

The Royal Madikwe has this “Villa” atmosphere right in the middle of the Bush.

Combined with a lot of privacy, luxury and comfort it’s simply one of these places on earth where you say to yourselves “I would like my home to be like that”. Yes, you will have great service…

Yes, you will have your hot water bottle in the morning during your winter Safari… And yes, the meals that will be cooked by the chef will be worth every mouthful.

Royal Madikwe Hills South Africa Main Lodge

Royal Madikwe’s philosophy is focused around the personal preferences of our guests with a menu that is flexible, featuring sophisticated, yet wholesome cuisine inspired by Africa’s diverse cultures and cosmopolitan influences.

The menu also unmasks gourmet game dishes to mirror the wilderness and abundance of the Madikwe Game Reserve.

Using only the freshest seasonal ingredients, the accent falls on local produce to arouse the senses, with each meal flawlessly matched with award-winning South African wines and a breathtaking setting.

But it’s not just about the great service or extraordinary Safaris in the vast plains of Madikwe, it’s also about the pride of the people that created such a unique place.


The amazing hosts that will make you feel very special and give you some precious memories.

This prestigious retreat will surprise you until your last step out … for this, you have to discover it for yourself… but we can’t give you all the details…

Alessandra Klein

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Singita Lebombo, a bush sanctuary

Sweni is the kind of place that lets the nature in.

The 6 secluded suites are elevated on stilts and their décor is modern with hues and textures that are those of the bush.

The suites offer an incomparable proximity to the surrounding rivers and trees and if not enough, you can sleep out on your deck for a night under the stars…in style.


Lebombo is also a place of great luxury. I loved the designers’ cutlery and installations for lighting.

The team is wonderfully aware that the ultimate luxury in such a lodge is not man made. It is the immense skies and the phenomenal game.

Singita’s unbelievable team of rangers brings to your safari their passion for the bush and their ability to communicate it to you is outstanding.

It is situated on a private concession within the Mighty Kruger which allows you to visit the park with freedom and away from the crowds.

Laura Perchoc


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