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Exclusive & exquisite dining events line-up

Nobu Cape Town announces an exclusive programme of exquisite dining events for 2014.

Every alternate month, the restaurant will feature a fine Cap Classique producer and their sparkling wines, pairing them in an evening of fabulous bubbles and flavours in the Nobu Lounge. In the months in-between, some of the country’s most iconic wineries and winemakers will be conducting ‘Vertical Masterclasses’ going back over several years, each wine paired with the very finest cuisine Nobu restaurant has to offer.

Assisting in the pairing and service of both events will be Nobu’s wine steward, Tinashe Nyamudoka. Hosted by charismatic MC and One&Only Cape Town’s brand ambassador Aubrey Ngcungama, Head Sushi Chef Keke Itohand Head Chef Dil Tamang will combine to offer evenings of exceptional quality, flavours and flair.

OneOnly Cape Town Nobu Restaurant Exclusive & exquisite dining line-up

The Nobu Methode Cap Classiques Wine & Dine evenings will commence on 5 February. The von Arnims of Haute Cabrière maintain the French tradition of producing their MCCs under the founder’s name, in this case, Pierre Jourdan. Bottle-fermented and now left for an extended ageing period on the lees, this range of fine wines includes a Brut Sauvage.

On 2 April, another family winery, the House of Krone, will be showcasing its range of bubbles from the cool inland region of Tulbagh.

On 3 June, Pieter Ferreira of Graham Beck Wines will showcase this well known South African MCC. The line-up will include the Cuvée Clive, along with the various different vintage and non-vintage offerings.

On 6 August, another family-owned winery will take centre stage, Jeff Grier of Villiera Wines. His MCCs range from the light Starlight up to the cuvée of Monro.

On the 21 May, Miles Mossop from Tokara Wines will showcase his range of award-winning Sauvignon Blancs.

On 2 July, the hotel’s winter event and one of the highlights of the year will be the Cape’s foremost Bordeaux blend producers, De Toren Private Cellar.

On 3 September, the evening will focus on Pinot Noir and Hamilton Russell Vineyards. Anthony Hamilton Russell and Hannes Storm have been defining and setting the bar for Pinot Noir for the past 30 years.

On 5 November, the final event of the year is a reminder that summer has returned when Constantia Uitsig Wine Estate focus on Chardonnay

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Artist Creates Anti-Poaching Robots

Robert Chew is an American digital artist graduated of the Academy of Art University with a BFA in Traditional Illustration.

He imagined a design’s concept called “Big Five Project”.

His project is inspired by the effort of the IAPF (International Anti-Poaching Foundation) and their use of drones to protect endangered animals in Africa, rhinos and elephants precisely.

Animals which suffer from increasing poaching : rhinos for their horns and elephants for their ivory, which represent the 4th illegal world market.


His work is available on his website,, and is on sale. All profit will be donated to the IAPF to allow them to keep doing what they are doing.

It is his way of showing his support to them who provide a fantastic job but whose service is still terribly undervalued in terms of benefit for the planet.

The “Big Five Project” consisted to draw and imagine mechas animals which serve and protect animals in Africa and also help rangers against poaching. There are buffalos, lions & lionesses, leopards, rhinos, African wild dogs and elephants.

Moreover he drew other species as owls, scavengers, kingfisher (or Kingsniper because of the weapon), grizzlies, vultures, whales and orcas.

Each of those animals has its own abilities, and the artist explained their functions.

MECHA RHINO by robert chew

It is a project phase and conceptual, but with a desire to see those mechas animals become true and help rangers whose protect endangered species. Even created, these mechs animals can normally live with its specie and act like them.

But like we said, even if it looks like just a concept, it’s definitely worth a look.

Timothy Glandy

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One of the world’s best wellness experience

If you want to experience what the world offers the best for wellness, then you should try out Tswalu Kalahari Spa’s philosophy: “Nature above man”. This leitmotiv allowed this South African place to be awarded twice in the 2013 World Luxury Spa Awards; one as the Continent’s Best Luxury Safari Spa (like in 2011), and one as the Continent’s Best Luxury Beauty Spa.

Luxury is still omnipresent since it has reopened this month after being refurbished. The blend between cares and nature is unrivalled: the purity of the surroundings is unspoiled and the breathtaking arid, wild and red landscapes of the Kalahari can be enjoyed as a privilege from every area of the Spa.

Tswalu Kalahari Spa blog xo africa

What makes Tswalu’s Spa unique is also the outdoor cares, where you are pampered in the shadow of a sausage tree, while a smooth and warm breeze caresses your skin.

The Spa just launched a new treatment menu which includes a selection of authentic cares signatures inspired by the natural wonders of the green Kalahari. For instance, an exfoliation treatment using fine red dune sand or desert mineral crystals from the natural rich salt pans of the area, infused with plant-based aromatic oils.

The choice of a natural decoration conveys an authentic atmosphere: screeded floors, wooden window frames and doors, reed ceilings, and dry-stone walls in the indoor and outdoor showers. Colours are cool and neutral to make of this place a haven of peace and tranquility.

Two gorgeous therapy suites are now available, including their own ‘sensation’ shower with overhead colour therapy lights, an outdoor shower and a private garden.

Tswalu Game Reserve. Southern Kalahari. Northern Cape. South Africa.

In order to give you the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience, a gym, a yoga tsala and a private hydrotherapy garden are also located directly into the bush.

Tswalu Kalahari Spa is undoubtedly the quintessence of what Africa can offer the best in luxury, authentic nature, and wellness: simply one of the rare places that provide a piece of dream that remains carved forever.

Edito 051 – Tanning me softly

Photoprotection via passive screening of solar radiation.

According to me, we don’t communicate enough on skin protection and all the noxious impacts the sun’s ultraviolet radiation can cause.

Thus, it is of sunscreen that we are going to talk about in this first edition of the year. In return for a small fee due to “off the charts” exchange rates, we invite you to come sunbathing, diving in or sliding on the hot waters of our Indian Ocean. To enjoy a sun that will not let you down.


For white and milky skins, with freckles and clear eyes, I’d recommend White Pearl, haven of charm and mellowness and a factor 50 mineral lotion to use without moderation!

For the brown “tree-huggers” with dark green eyes, mildly sporty and eager of curiosity, a factor 30 at Nuarro Eco Lodge is highly recommended.

Tanned skins will unquestionably be sensitive to Medjumbe Private Island, where you can play Robinson Crusoe. And of course, I suggest a velvety protection… gel or spray.

For families with multiple and varied complexions, Thonga Beach Lodge will have no trouble convincing your kids to generously coat nose, forehead and chin with a coconut flavoured organic ointment.

Here, auto-tanner is not allowed. But when shopping, think organic! It’s better for corals and health.

That being said, I’m going back to the beach.

Happy New Year!



Track the turtles with your kids

Here’s a little adventure for your children that make you think of the novels of Robert Louis Stevenson.

The ” Treasure Island’’ ? Close to indeed.

A Thonga beach lodge, one of their treasure, they are the turtles. To observe them in their natural environment, we reoa small overnight shipping 4×4 vehicle with a guide.

In summer, nocturnal walks and drives along the beach in search of egg-laying turtles are arranged to observe them. Guests can witness the culmination of an incredible journey as Giant Leatherback and Loggerhead turtles come ashore to lay their eggs in carefully prepared nests.

A little taste of adventure, isn’it for your kids?


The tours are run at low tide so at times the vehicle tours can be very late at night.

Research has shown that the mother returns to the same beach and that eggs are laid within metres of where the mother emerged as a hatchling years previously.

Turtle tracking is offered in the evening from November to end February. Every precaution is taken to ensure these magnificent creatures are not disturbed during the laying process.

The Loggerhead, so named because of the shape of its head, is another endangered marine reptile. It is a large, brown turtle which can grow up to 1m long and reach a weight of up to 130kg.

Leatherback Turtle is the largest living turtle and can reach a total length of 2,1 metres with a weight of up to 365kg. Unlike other turtles, the leatherback has no visible shell. Instead, it has a carapace made up of hundreds of irregular bony plates, covered with a leathery skin.


On the pristine Maputaland coast, Thonga Beach Lodge lies in the heart of iSimangaliso World Heritage Park, a magical place with unspoilt beaches, coastal forests and shimmering lakes.

The iSimangaliso Wetland Park was listed as South Africa’s first World Heritage Site in December 1999 in recognition of its natural beauty and unique global values.

Thonga captures the essence of a charming rustic Robinson Crusoe hideaway with individual air-conditioned chalets tucked away in the coastal dune forest, raised on wooden stilts to ensure minimal impact with maximum comfort.






Enjoy your eco-friendly stay

Every dream seems unattainable (wrongly) until it comes true. That’s what you think when you arrive at the heart of the Bay of Nuarro Mozambique. By walking barefoot on this wonderful beach.

An idyllic landscape. A term which is not usurped under when you see the magnificent beauty of the places that you will enjoy during your stay to get relaxed along the Indian Ocean in Mozambique.
Especially since everything has been done to preserve this pristine and untouched nature.

Nuarro Bay is a protected natural area with a rich biodiversity.


In other words, the sustainability has been emphasized at Nuarro.

So that was the spirit which prevailed during the construction this eco-lodge.

The chalets were built from local natural materials by local people. All chalets have sea view. The bush gives them a lot of privacy. The chalets are situated over the dunes, overlooking the enchanting Memba Bay.

The chalets are strategically placed along the dunes and amongst thick vegetation for privacy and minimum environmental impact.

Nuarro comprises 12 luxury beachfront chalets (of which 10 have a family option with an upstairs area for twin beds), panoramic restaurant with cocktail bar, centralized activity centre with beach bar and reception area.

Enjoy as much as you can their comfortable hammocks because this is the ideal place to chill out and a drink or to taste their fresh and delicious seafood.


Everything at Nuarro was built by local people using local natural resources.

Beyond being ” lazy” on the beach, you have a wide range of activities: diving, sailing cruises (dhow), sea kayaking, picnic on secluded beaches, mountain biking and guided tours to visit the village.

One of the great show not to be missed : from July to November, humpback whales remain in the bay with their young.






Medjumbe, the perfect ”desert island”

Nothing is more stimulating for imagination than Islands. Especially when this uninhabited and wild land is only one kilometer long and 350 meters width.

Talking about Medjumbe comes down to invoke in the strongest way the idea of « desert island ». Only 13 chalets are built in this unspoiled and tiny island situated in the Quirimbas archipelago, which merge to perfection with the spectacular green surroundings.

These small constructions made of straw and wood do not only offer authenticity and total change of scene, they also provide all modern conveniences and luxury on the fine sandy beach, just nearby the peaceful and see-through water of the Indian Ocean.

Medjumbe private island blog jan 2014

Imagination then. As soon as you will have travelled around the land on the fine and warm sand of the breathtaking beach, you will not resist to the temptation to feel like Robinson Crusoe. No civilization mark there. The vegetation is completely wild, the white color of the beach is intact and the turquoise tone of the sea is that pure that it seems to blend with the immaculate azur sky.

This transposition into Robinson’s loincloth is quite limited however. In fact, him was not lucky enough to take the most of the private pool, the hammock on the beach and the Spa to live privileged moments of privacy in a setting where romanticism takes on a never reached dimension.

Imagination again. Even more convincing this time. This destination is truly a paradise for all scuba diving lovers. Most of the reefs in the area are still unknown and unexplored even if they are already considered as ones of the richest and most spectacular places to dive in the world.

Medjumbe Private Island Pool Dinner

Plunge in the water that usually reaches 30 degrees and seek for manta rays, barracudas, dolphins, whales, turtles, sharks and other humphead wrasses to discover the coral richness of the region.

You will quickly compare yourself to James Cook, Jacques Cartier or Christopher Columbus when you name will be given to the reef you discovered, as it is the tradition there… A quite exhilarating experience isn’t it ?






A ”White pearl” for a ”white paradise”

When we speak of white beads, we think foremost jewelry – is not it ladies – or trimmings embody sophistication, elegance with an aura of luxury modest.

And if instead of jewelry, you imagine the same bead, but this time nestled between a transparent warm sea, bright blue sky, and green bush. A version luster equally brilliant.

The White Pearl Resort is a sumptuous gem situated in the south east of Mozambique, in Ponta Mamoli precisely where lies a 2 kilometers long wild fine sandy beach caressed by the peaceful and rich Indian Ocean.

white pearl mozambique outside

The constructions of this 5 stars accommodation perfectly blend with the unique beauty of the place. You will have the opportunity to take the most of your Beach Pool Suite which is more than spacious, luminous and full of state-of-the-art equipments; it is above all else a haven of peace marked with the seal of luxury.

The place offers a ultimate confort thanks to the modern decoration. The atmosphere is elegant, and the most subtle finition touches make of this hotel a one-of-a-kind destination. Situated just nearby the beach, you will be lulled from your bed by the lapping of the water from the first glow of the day.

This frame of splendor also possesses its own private terrace with a pool where you can bask and enjoy your meals while gazing at the breathtaking spectacle offered by the nature at every moment.


Get closer to this beauty and undertake a sea trip for a water safari or scuba diving. You will have the opportunity to encounter dolphins, sharks, whales, turtles and other fish and corals living in these reefs whose variety and beauty are considered as one of the richest ans most spectacular worldwide.

After revitalizing yourself at the Spa, admire the sunset from the terrace of the restaurant which offers a panoramic view on the beach, while savoring a delicious cocktail, just before tasting exquisite meals prepared and served to perfection under the starry sky.

The best is that the day after, the dream starts again…

White pearl, what does it mean for you : Jewels or paradisaical island ?