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Our thrilling safari experience

Big game abounds and roams freely throughout this pristine part of the ancient African continent. The diverse habitat is home to spectacular wildlife including the Big 5 – lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant – as well as cheetah, wild dog and some 200 other animal species indigenous to the area.

Game Drive at Sabi Sabi

I can tell you, it seemed effortless to spot the Big 5 in the day. I guess, this is what makes the Sabi Sabi experience so memorable. Day and night safaris in open Land Rovers, led by highly trained Game Rangers and qualified Trackers, follow the animals on and off-road, deep into the heart of the wild African Bushveld.


Suddenly he turns off the road and starts moving between the trees, before pointing out elephants enjoying another tree! Here we are, ready with our cameras to click away. And the wild dogs appear after a ravishing drive above the official 40 km/hour. We giggled all the way of excitement most probably.

African Wild Dogs in the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve

Finally, Richard drives off and finds an open area. He and the tracker climb off the vehicle and invite you down to stretch your legs. Within minutes a nice G&T is poured and you enjoy your sundowners while looking out over the African sunset.

What made it memorable was all the details given by our ranger while you stop and look at the different trees, flowers and birds. You find out all about their survival mechanisms, medicinal and traditional uses which leaves you with a sense of humility as you begin to understand the complexity of life.

Heading back to the lodge, a surprise boma set up awaits for our final dinner under the stars surrounded by the sound of the bush. The hyenas are still there to greet us good night on our way to our private suite to recover from such a thrilling day.

… Sabi Sabi, we will be back in June!

By Fleur Kimmich & Cécile Castoldi

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Zulus, a strong culture alive

If there is a people that has marked the history of southern Africa, it is definitely the Zulus.

This nation, originally from Tanzania, settled on the east coast, near to what is now Durban. A minor clan, this warlike people managed to impose its name and culture on the entire region.

Zulu Danse South Africa Blog XO

Zulu supremacy began in 1816 with the accession of King Shaka. The Zulus were the only nation in the history of colonization to have defeated a colonial power, namely the English, at the Battle of Isandhlwana.

The battle of Isandlwana

The battle of Isandlwana

These proud people with strong African traditions can be found in KwaZulu-Natal. Discover their dances and songs as well as their famous “Sangoma” sorcerers and healers.



A number of lodges such as “Isandhlawna Lodge” or “Fugitives’ Drift Lodge” can offer you the unique experience of living the turbulent history of this region all over again.

Visit Zulu villages like Shakaland or Dumazulu. These villages have been rebuilt but they embody true Zulu tradition with its art, songs and dances.

Right: Traditionnal Zulu huts

Day trip to the Blyde River Canyon (II)

20km north you can enjoy the the lookout of the Three Rondavels, one of the most impressive stop of the entire trip. The name does nothing to describe the humping of the beckons. Thousands of feet below, the Blyde River snakes its way through the canyon to the tranquil Blyde Dam, embraced by green mountains.

Beyond, the great loweld plains shimmer in the distance. A stop here also offers a chance to see local arts and crafts, curio stalls overflowing with mementoes and potential presents for loved ones back home.

Three Rondawels Blyde River Canyon South Africa

Hippopotamus and crocodiles live around the rivers and wetlands of Swadini Dam, as do water birds and otters. If you are «lucky» enough, you may also have a once in a lifetime encounter with a hippopotamus crossing the road in front of you, as I once experienced. Do not be fooled by these gentle creatures which can run up to 50km per hour !

Pilgrims Rest is a little village with a rich colourful history which well worth a stop on you drive back to Graskop.Pilgrims Rest is picturesque and filled with stories   of the «Gold Rush». Pilgrims Rest is a living museum preserved in exactly the same architectural style of the Gold rush period.

The perfect place to bring your journey to a meandering end, would be a visit to Mac Mac Falls, 65 metres high and declared a national Monument. Enjoy your picnic amongst the shade of the trees.

Let your mind unwind and enjoy the enchanting memories of the day.

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By Erika Costa

Amazing biking ride in Cape Town

Danny MacAskill is a professional street trials rider for Inspired Bicycles Ltd, born and raised in Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

A team from Leica Cameras followed Danny MacAskill, a Scottish street trials pro rider, on his journey of discovery through one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Watch the video below and get to see Cape Town with different eyes – those of a street trials pro rider.

On April 19th, 2009 the then 23 year old released a 5:30 minute street trials video on YouTube set to ‘The Funeral’ by the Band of Horses that was about to change his life.

Filmed and produced by his flat mate Dave Sowerby, “Inspired Bicycles” got a few hundred thousand views over night and as of today has been watched well over 28 million times .