Organizing the wild


While going on a journey in the great outdoors inspires to a simpler way of life and a return to necessities, the packing for such trips is nothing close to simple. Imagine your suitcase becoming a giant puzzle that you must assemble perfectly to optimise your experience on site. There is always this struggle of […]

Edito 068 – Happy New Year !


Starting a new year always comes with a collection of new goals and resolutions… Happier, healthier, richer – and of course asking for divine invocation is the number 1 hit every year. In reality the failed resolutions that we had set for ourselves the previous year are often underlining the new ones… So does that mean […]

A Year of Indulgence

Main at The Test Kitchen

Do you have an appetite for a culinary discovery? Thirsty for new gourmet creations? Hungry for creative new concepts? Then South Africa is your destination. A culinary melting pot of master pieces influenced by a myriad of fantastic cooking cultures that result in some of the world’s finest restaurants and most brilliant chefs. South Africa […]

Constance Belle Mare Plage or the art of perfection


  While finding any type of accommodation on the Internet these days is just a matter of a few clicks – finding one that will satisfy all your needs and embody the well-earned holiday you have been dreaming of is another thing There are very few resorts that can pride themselves in being able to […]

The Best of Mauritius


  Food Mauritian food is one of the prime examples of Creole cuisine blending three great world cuisines namely Chinese, French and Indian in one beautiful marriage of dishes filled to the brim with intense flavours and fragrant aromas! Think Chinese Chow mein with Mauritian style seafood and fresh fish full of taste and texture […]

Treasures and Rum in Paradise


We all know that moment when we turn on the radio and come across the new cover version of an old song. Often we enjoy these cover versions of an old favourite – it brings back the memories we connect to the song and the feelings we associated with it – here at Travel by […]

Edito 066 – Family Affair


One thing for sure that requires planning, is a family trip! First of all, choose the destination. You can go for an exotic one but it has to be thought-through. A destination that will please the youngest that still doesn’t let go of his dummy, disconnect the teenagers from their smartphones and allow mom and […]